this should have been on yesterday

Penny for the Guy


Dim the lights

Tonights the night

Feet stuck to the carpet

£1.50 a pint of smooth

Move in and out of northern souls

A different world with different goals

Than the guardian readers of the south

O the south

Where latte macchiato and cappuccino

Is never sold at Bernard’s disco

Where no one bothers with cricket’s scores

Cos footies for heroes and crickets for bores

Where the veggie option is chicken in a basket without the chicken

Its lard northern fried and its finger licking


The dj smiles as he spins his discs

He is mixing and scratching his Miles platting mix

With his crumpsall imports and his Harpurhey sound

With a Blackley back beat and his Moston pound

And they’ll dance in the bar and they’ll dance in the hall

And they’ll dance all night to the spinning mirror ball

And they’ll dance in the bedroom before they go out

Sipping Lambrini and smoking Mayfair snauts

And they’ll dance all night cos its they’re on night out


Mogodaon John sings through broken teeth

Mogadon for breakfast dinner and tea

Washed down in the evening with pints of smooth

The karaoke weeps as john shows off his moods


“I’ve got chills they’re multiplying

And I’m losing control”


And no one know if john is singing

Or just speaking from the soul


And ashtrays breath and ashtrays bleed and ashtrays heave old ashtray dreams


Hope volcanoes explode in the bogs

As credit cards and dole cards chop chop chop


And their grans on E that cost 40p

That dance with arms aloft

She’s only 43

She missed the first summer of love

Learning to kiss Bernard’s club

With a second rate comedian with a snake like tongue

As she finger fiddles with her twisted thong

In her mini skirt and her low cut top

She is beautiful

She’s on Top of the Pops

With vision, wisdom and philosophers mind

And a tenderness that words can’t describe

Because I saw her this morning outside the Simpson Memorial

With her fallen grandson in her arms

Softly imploring him

“sweerheart child, let me take you pains away

By rocking you in my loving arms until the break of day”

Love beamed from this woman

The like I’ve never seen

Now she’ stood on the dance floor with her hands in the air and she’s screaming



A Carlas’ outside doing penny for a guy

Every penny goes to charity and she swears on her mamas life

But the charity nominated is one of her very own

Its for her little brother and sister eating chippy tea again at home

Carls mams flat out in bed and has been for a week

She took the needle from her arm after she’d OD’

Panic froze in a state of shock she simply carried on

Just like you and I do when we chose to ignore

Just like you I do when we cowardly avoid the truth

Or when we see the girl get slapped and her boyfriend hurl abuse

Or when we see old dodgy bob hanging round the school

Access bill, banks statements a slowly leaking roofs

Or when the guy down the pub slags Nigerian for nicking all out job

When the guy down the pub for nineteen years has continually signed on

And when kids with guns knock on next door we quickly draw out curtains

When stood in court we lower our head and say we can’t be certain










Carla’s still outside and its nearly half past one

But were off to the chippy

Then we are going home

But Carla disappeared that night

A life we could have saved

And she’s never found on Saddle worth moor in her cold and shallow grave

We ignore the abuse walk past violence everyday

And look to blame the social worker when it’s as plain as the nose on your face

But a young girls voice can still be heard outside Bernard’s every bonfire night

And the words whispered on the over Harpurhey are


Penny for a guy

I swear on my mams life



















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