A Proposal

A Proposal


She told me

In the backyard of a North Manchester terrace

Of summertime


A date in a park

Of shy smiles and nervous silences

Dabbing her forehead with her white handkerchief

Of holding hands in secret

Upstairs on a bus from St. Stephenson Square to Bogart Hole Clough

Of Technicolor billboards selling Brylcreeme and Oxo

Lonnie Donegal singing Kevin Barry on the driver’s radio

Miles from home on Charlestown road

With questions and answers on angel hill

And six months later

In a church in Edinburgh

You whisper the words

“I will”

One thought on “A Proposal

  1. Hi, as a bit of a poet myself, neverpublished. I do like the way you make contact with as you put it, the underdog. I was born in Gorton some many moons ago. took up Creative writing in the early 90s. Will look forward to your poems in future.
    My daughter Pamela also writes poetry. She lives in Vancouver Canada and is quite well known there. Her book Parallel Lines, is mainly poems which tells abou England and Canada.
    She was entered in the 2009 Book of Vancouver poets.
    Best Wishes.

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