30,000 Troops sent to Afghanistan

Soldier Boy



Boots scrape on Crumpsall cobbled streets

Inside the boots are 15year old feet

Khaki pants tight at the ankle

Grip and hold like a white slave manacled

Rough hemp and wool scuff bended knee

Palms together

Eyes can’t see

A dark green woollen pull over

Follow in the footsteps of a long lost brother

Who scruffed his hair after his last kiss from his mother


A caravan in the shopping centre

A man handing out leaflets showing boys on adventures

Smiling faces and glowing cheeks

But the leaflets are lies and the caravan mans a cheat

He’s a government licenced child thief

On a commission for every soul

And a bonus for every child that he takes off the dole

As he target the lost, the bored, the uninspired

The lonely the crazy the stoned and the wired

Catholic protestant Muslim Hindu Jew

The kind of kid who aint sussed what he wants to do

And he’ll send them off to some sun drench front

To fight a war that no one wants

A roadside bomb ends it all

Then home in a box to lower Crumpsall





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