My Mam at the Match

My Mam is 73 – she moved to Lanzarote 10 years ago because of her arthritis.  She comes back to Manc a couple of times a year to do a few “we jobs” and to catch up with family, funerals and friends.

Since she arrived back in November, she has been desperate to get to a game at Old Trafford so as she can tell all her Lanzarote mates that she saw rooney owen and scholes et al. She supports anything manc but we grew up across the road from Maine Road and she watched me play there in the 80’s so she was more bothered about getting to see United.

I hate giving united money but after last wednesdays i was desperate to get a couple of tickets and bring me Mam to the game. So, I phoned up and said

“Can I have two tickets for the derby” waiting for the woman to burst out laughing but she didn’t, she said

“Yes where would you like to sit?”

Stunned and amazed, i chose me seats and my tickets arrived yesterday. But since they arrived i got a bit nervous about bringing her to a derby because they can be emotional and i didn’t fancy watching my Mam kicking off on some poor blue.

My Brother shares a season ticket and he’s away so i got a phone call on saturday morning asking me if i wanted to use the ticket.  I thought, perfect, I’ll take me Mam.

I phoned her and told her and she was like a little kid -soooooooooo excited.

I Picked her up and we got to OT for two o clock so as she could take in the atmosphere.  I dropped her off on Warwick road and watched my 73year old Mam walk towards OT and a crowd of 75,000 other people.  She was wrapped up in thick white coat, white hat and white scarf.  It looked peculiarly beautiful and saintly.

I sat in the car and watched her shrink into the distance – it was the most beautiful thing i’ve seen for ages.  With tears in my eyes and a heavy heart i decided to watch the game somewhere in chorlton and see if i could spot her in the crowd.

I met my daughters boyfriend walking round chorlton looking half pissed from the night before so i shouted over

“Aaron, you watching the match?”

“Yeah, at Iguana bar”

So i watched the match with him, had a Guinness and my daughter phoned me to say she was coming to the Iguana after work.

We won 4-0 and rooney scored all four – it was full of incident and accidents, floored lines man and thrown punches so i was pleased that it was entertaining and engaging for her.

At the end of the game i texted her to tell her i’d pick her up outside the tollgate pub on Seymour Grove.

I sat waiting in the car park for an hour and thought, I best phone her – she’d walked off in the wrong direction so i went and picked her up.  She beamed smiles and told me all about it.  She wanted to know what they were chanting, who was who, where was fergie – i reckon the poor guy next to her didn’t get to see much of the game due to all her questions.

I thought she might need a hot drink after sitting on a cold plastic seat for the last three hours so i took her back to the Iguana bar for a hot coffee and to meet Maria and Aaron.

Three generations of Garry’s sat in the pub for an hour chatting and chillin and sharing stories – again it was beautiful.

My Mother is the most inspirational person i have ever met.  She travels the world with a rucksack on her back, visiting friends in Australia, Canada, Europe and Ireland.  She goes to Mass everyday and never has a bad word for anyone.  She has just given up smoking after 55 years and is struggling but sticking with it.

All my life she has bailed me out in one way or another so to be helpful to her is an honour – to see her face after the game was a simple gift i will treasure forever.


2 thoughts on “My Mam at the Match

  1. reading this i almost felt like i was there, i could nearly smell the burgers outside, hearing the chanting goin on all around, heart felt words, you are an inspiration mike garry to anyone who crosses your path, kindest regards jane the original wythy girl x

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