Imagine being 15 and growing up in the UK today

Imagine being 15 and growing up in the UK today.

Demonised by a government who seem to think spending money on killing innocent men, women and children in Iraq/Afghanistan is a better way of spending our taxes than actually providing something for the teenagers to do.

Demonised by a local government who seem to think that sticking a yellow bib on and getting young people to cleaning parks and wasteland is a good way tackling anti social behaviour.  Meanwhile they continue to grind down the youth service, reducing spending on it year after year.

Ignored by adults, until a consultation is needed then the adults who demonised them in the first place are desperate to get them to comment on something so that a box can be ticked And some sycophantic councillor can get a photo taken with them.

This Government claims that “Every Child Matters”, tell that to the parents of Victoria Climbie, baby P,  etc etc etc.  Tell that to the police who seem to be constantly stopping young Asian/Afro Carribean men for nothing more than – being young Asian/Afro Carribean men.  Tell that to teachers, social workers and adults generally who talk to kids like they are dogs who’ve just crapped on the kitchen floor.

We constantly harp on about demon like Bullies and the fight against bullying in schools by having national anti-bullying weeks then bully kids to get involved.  We use our superior strength and power every at opportunity we can to get kids to do something – is that not bullying

We treat our children like animals, herding them to schools spouting a useless national curriculum that teach useless subjects and then test them on how much uselessness they know.  Where large numbers supply teachers cash in on childminding and where kids are excluded for telling the truth and then we complain about kids hanging round the streets (well don’t exclude them then.)

We then feed them with a diet of scum bag T.V. that screams at them to grow up as quick as you can and to wear a bra and lip gloss from the age of eight and that a gangster is something to aspire to.  We feed them Macky D, KFC, MTV, Coca Cola and can’t understand why they have ADHD so we force feed them Ritalin to combat it.

We buy them ludicrously expensive Ipods, mobile phones and computers to compensate for the fact that we are rubbish parents and feel guilty that we use work as an excuse to stay away from them.

We scorn their music, their clothes, their friends and their pastimes but offer them nothing else except MSN Messenger, Facebook because we think it’s safer than hanging round the streets.

Thatcher’s children’s children are not to blame.  We are for our inability to communicate with them and our crap parenting skills.

Imagine being 15 and growing up in the UK today.


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