Pay as you Go

I wrote this poem 5 years ago, Pre twitters boom, pre Ask fm and when trolling and bullying on the internet was a lot rarer. Now it seems it is common place. Where it is OK to Pillory someone cos they are in a commercial boy band. Where it’s fine to issue death threats to a young woman because you don’t like her latest single or her hair. Where is is fine to humiliate, swear and threaten someone because they are the sister of a footballer of a team you do not support. It makes me laugh that the cowards & bullies hide behind computer screens in darkened locked bedrooms thinking they will never be caught because it is typed and not spoken. Well things are changing.

If you write anything nasty, cruel, vicious or defamatory about someone on a social networking site, you are probably going to get caught and humiliated and possibly imprisoned. You can not hide anymore.

Pay As You Go

She sings and she swings in the box bedroom

With half naked wags and hunks watching on

Slow beating heart broken by a boyfriend

Who promised never to play kiss and tell

The gift of a picture on his birthday

Beamed to his phone as the church bell struck twelve

He said if she “luvd im” she would do it

And that this was the sign that would prove it

Never imagining her pose, click, send

Would end up on Facebook for all his friends

And their friends, their friends and their friends of theirs

Printed then pinned on the school notice board

Flash bulbs pop as she loosens her tie

And Britney sings, “Hit me babe one more time”


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