A Taste of Honey

i love poetry.  Its my life.  I think poem, i see poems, i smell poems.  i’ve got poems on tape, DVD, video and in books – but most of all i love hearing poems live – read aloud by the person who wrote them.

However, i’m bored with poetry nights – it’s always the same old thing – someone gets up on a stage, tells us what the poem is about then reads it, then people clap.  Then someone else gets on stage, tell us what their poem is about, then reads it, then people clap – even if its a crap poem – people clap.  Then, someone else gets up on stage, tell us what their poem is about, then reads it, then people clap – you know where i’m coming from.  Don’t you?

I have fave poets who i love to hear reading – i love to hear tony walsh, gerry potter, jackie hagan.  I love listening to the young identity group, they’re brilliant.  I love julian daniels, shirley may, tony curry and i really love marvin cheeseman and the list is endless.  But i’m getting bored of how we all do it and believe we need to find new ways, new platforms and new places to deliver.

Poems would be great on the bus, in the supermarket, at bingo halls.  Poems would be great in the poets home, in their living rooms or garden.  Poems would be great in restaurants – so i’ve got a plan.

For the last Saturday of January ,February and March i shall be hosting an evening called “A Taste of Honey” at Love to Eat Deli in West Didsbury

The deal is a 3 Course Meal with a poem before the starter, main and pudding and after everyone has eaten i’ll do a 20 minute set.  You can bring your own wine or beers and its £20 per head

Love to Eat is a lovely little restaurant ran by top people in one of my favourite parts of town, West Didsbury – My Auntie Maureen had a proper grocery shop (bacon slicer the monty) on Burton Road when i was a kid and remember playing out on the surrounding streets, so the area has a very special place in my heart.

so, for a different kind of night out with great food, check out the link below, give Penny or Tom or any of their top staff a ring on 0161 434 7077 and book a table but be quick – there’s only space for 25 people – and spaces for feb and march are booking up quickly


and watch this space cos this year i’m doing poems in places you wouldn’t expect –

3 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey

  1. Sounds lovely Mike. I went to a poetry thing on Friday in the Earth Cafe that was people sitting nicely around a table drinking smoothies, eating cake and sharing poetry. Gerry Potter was glorious and it was splendid (if a bit scary for me at first as I thought I might be expected to contribute in some way, which turns out I wasn’t).
    I’m trying to think of ways the library can support poets, preferably that don’t cost money, preferably that include cake.
    All the best, Ali x

  2. Bolton Octagon Theater had a thing like this called ‘poetry on a plate’ at lunchtime, you got your lunch either from the octagon cafe or bring your own and eat and listen to poems read and got to discuss the poems after. it was pretty cute.

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