Why I’m going to move to Morocco – Part 2

Before you read this blog post – please have a quick read of “Why I’m going to move to Morocco”

here https://godisamanc.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/why-i’m-going-to-move-to-morocco/#comments

Life is short – my eldest girl is 20 and youngest 15 and I’m fifty in four years.  I have traveled a lot in the last 30 years and in Essaouria, an Atlantic coastal town, 180 Kilometres from Marrakech, i believe i have found my paradise.  In “Why I’m going to move to Morocco”  i said that a man has got to dream and boy do i know how to dream – if you really think about it, my job is to dream.  And my dream of living in Morocco is slowly becoming a reality.

It is everyones dream to own a gaff abroad and on November 14th 2011, my dream will become a reality as i shall be signing for my apartment within the medina in Essaouria, Morocco.

I love it.  It’s one bedroomed, big kitchen, large salon (moroccan for living room) with two day beds and a beautifully tadlakt bathroom.  It also has a lovely terrace that gets the sun all day.

It’s a 9 minute walk from the Supatours bus that carries you from Marrakesh to Essaouria in two and a half hours for £6.50. It’s an eight minute walk to the ten mile stretch of beach, a seven minute walk to the locals beach bar, a six minute walk to Earth Cafe (the best veggie/vegan restaurant in the world) a five minute walk to Essaouria Square which hosts an international Music festival every June, a four minute walk to the harbour to pick up 2 freshly caught slabs of Tuna steak for less than a pint of Guinness, a three minute walk to the local hammam Babst where where Orson Wells filmed the fight scene in his version of Othello and for 70p you can sauna and scrub with locals and for another £3 you can have an hour long stretch and massage, its two minutes to the market stalls that sell everything from meat, fish, fruit and veg to the finest moroccan leather goods not to mention the silver souks where Fatima hands jostle with necklaces and rings in finely decorated ornate windows and it’s one minute from a heaven of smiling faces, kindness and Moroccan hospitality.

It is a stunning place and only three and a half hours away but feels a million miles away and with regular, cheap flights from Manchester – it is my paradise

Jews from Manchester travelled to Essaouria in 18th, 19th and 20th century and lived in the Mellah – they constructed a synagogue and transported everything they needed to build it from Manchester on ships to the port of Mogador (as it was known then) When i discovered this, i knew that i had to buy Dar Mellah.

It needs a few things doing to it – and they will be done by November 20th and at Christmas we are going to do a refurb/rename/redesign.

have a look at the website http://www.darmellah.com/ and if your interested in renting it, contact me here, on twitter @mikegarry or email me Mikegarry@hotmail.com

Come and share my dream

Happy Holidaying

2 thoughts on “Why I’m going to move to Morocco – Part 2

  1. Sounds good to me. William Burroughs had a creative stint in Morocco, and so did Juan Goytisolo, and I bet lots of other writers did, too. I am wondering how much it would cost to live there, permanently, compared with how much it costs to live here? cheaper all round? God is Moroccan.

  2. Sound just heavenly, congratulations on finding, what sounds like, the perfect place of tranquillity, Peace and serenity! Gorgeous little hideaway for you all , look forward to seeing/hearing/reading the creative wonders that are bound to be created from being in such a place. So excited for you and A x

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