Love to Eat Deli – West Didsbury

Now there are horrible, horrible business people whose only aim is to make money – see Banks, Macdonalds, Tesco etc

and there are very rare examples of businesses whose sole aim is not just to make money but to make friends, give opportunities and provide a great service

Love to Eat Deli in West Didsbury is the latter – Penny and Tim are mad and i love them for their beautiful kind madness and enthusiasm.  They do great food in a lovely space – they have music nights, poetry nights, curry nights,bingo nights and story times for children – they try new things and they have a laugh, they have fun and if things don’t work, they roll up their sleeves and get them to work

they employ an array of young people, students, sixth formers and they give them a chance to learn skills other eateries don’t because they believe in giving people a chance even if they don’t have the “experience”.  And guess what, those young people smile, they are polite and they don’t seem to thinking that being cool is the most important thing you can be

In a climate where trampy tory bastards run the country with sycophantic Lib Dems licking their arses in an attempt to gain any power they can because they are ultimately powerless & grey, Love to Eat Deli is a refreshing to place to spend time.

So spend some time there, say hello to the staff and keep businesses like this alive and kicking and you to will love to eat there too-

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