Why I hate X Factor

So the best and most talented artist got kicked out last week.  We all knew she would be though didn’t we?

This is pop music.  This is tabloid tv.  This is the lowest common denominator when it comes talent. Look at the utterly dreadful performance Kelly Rowland put on tonight.  I’ve seen more talent on shit kareoke nights in mad pubs in Openshawe.

I met Misha about 4 years ago.  I present an awards ceremony with Looked After Children and have done for the last 4 years and Misha, having grown up as a “Looked after child” was the entertainment.

Its a top gig – a big awards ceremony in the Town Hall with the Lord Mayor and all the good – i just read poems, give out prizes and generally keep the evening moving.  It’s a tough gig for me because i have to be on my toes and aware of everything thats going on so as to keep the continuity and smooth flowing nature of the evening.  So, i’m introducing guests, showing films and remembering the right protocols for introducing important people.

Every year, Misha arrives 10 minutes before she goes on, giving me a heart attack.  We usually have a dead quick chat then i introduce her.  Once i introduce her i run off to look at me notes for whats happening next and start preparing for it.

But then i hear her voice –

Now i work with loads of artists, i present loads of shows but i rarely watch the acts because i’m working and need to be fully focused on whats happening next

But when i hear her voice – i have to stop reading my notes and go and watch her perform.  Every year it happens –  It mesmerises me and i just end up standing and staring at this little girl, with the voice of a Manc angel putting on an amazing performance – Her voice is gift.

So i’m not surprised she’s done so well on X factor but we knew she wouldn’t win – she couldn’t she’s a little black girl, brought up as a looked after child in south central Manchester.  She grew up on the streets of Longsight, Levenshulme, Moss Side and Hulme.  She’s got the working class Longsight girl stance, accent and attitude and that can never win the X factor, thank God.

But deep down inside – we didn’t want her to win – look at whose won it in the past. We didn’t want Misha to be part of that – it’s like a tele version of The Sun newspaper.  With all the tits, sensationalism, bitching, tinsel and glitter i hate.  Misha is a Manc and we expect more from Mancunians.

Now, I know a few people who work at X factor and they all say that Misha is the most down to earth, grounded and sorted person on the show, as well as the most talented.  Ultimately, this is why she didn’t win.  What does that say about X Factor?

8 thoughts on “Why I hate X Factor

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more! At the same time; I’m grateful to the X Factor for introducing me to Misha; I found most of her performances pre-Bully-gate truly exciting. I LOVED the Tina Turner tribute and she made it all her own. I hope she gets out from under the clutches of the show’s producers quickly so that she can shine in her own right.

  2. Hon, I believe my tweet on Sunday night summed up exactly what you said. Could you hear the crowd chanting her name? But Amelia is far better for X-Factor’s image – what’s the betting she’ll be the one who gets in? It’s a blessing for Misha that she didn’t win. Good on you sweetheart, you damn well rock.

    The only way to fight this bull shit driven dross is to turn our TVs off or over to David Attenborough 😉

  3. Very true words, as a fellow Manc I bloody love her, but not just because she is a northern girl but because she is so talented. I am glad she didn’t win she is going to be a big big star without having to lose an ounce of her integrity, good on her!

  4. Why the fuck did you watch the shite then? I don’t know what you’re on about, cos I don’t watch it BECAUSE IT’S SHITE AND A DANGER TO SOCIETY.

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