I’ve just stopped a guy from jumping off Cheadle Bridge onto the M60 Motorway

I’ve been working all day at St Cuthberts’ High School in Rochdale.

I finished early and began the treacherous windswept journey home via the M60.  It was horrible.  The cold wind was blowing me and my Morris Minor all over the road, my windscreen wipers could not clear the rain from my window screen and even with my fan on, it was freezing. Heavy good vehicles, trucks and vans raced past, cutting me up and splashing even more water onto my soaked windscreen.  I left  the motorway at the Pyramid near stockport and made my way through cheadle.

As i was crossing the bridge, i noticed a car stationary on Cheadle bridge.  At first i thought it was a queue of cars to the traffic lights at the Parrs wood Complex but after closer inspection, i noticed there were no cars in front of the  stationary one.  Then i noticed the driver looking sidewards out of the window.

Thats when i saw him.

A tall guy staring down onto the traffic on the M60 in the lashing wind and rain.  I thought something must have happened on the motorway and he was simply watching what had happen.  But then i noticed that he was standing on the far side of the barrier with nothing protecting him from falling onto the busy wet motorway.  He was going to throw himself off.

I jumped out of the car, my phone that had been on my lap went flying onto Manchester Road and i ran towards him in a panic.

He was a big guy, at least 6 foot tall and 16 stone, he wore a long black coat and he had a rucksack at his side.  I wanted to grab him and just pull him over the barrier/hand rail but it was too high and if i was to try and just pull him over, he could have slipped and fell.  So i spoke to him in a panic.


I put both my arms around him from the other side of the barrier and began to talk to him.  It was noisy because of the traffic below so i put my mouth close up to his ear and began talking.

Mate, its gonna be alright.  I know it seems like it isn’t but whatever is wrong can be made right”  I held him tight, pinning him to the barrier but he was a big guy and if he wanted, he could have just leant forward and  jumped and there was no way i could physically stopped him from doing it.

The frst thing that struck me was how young he was.  He couldn’t have been twenty five years old.  I just kept talking to him but he was in a trance.

“Please mate.  Don’t do this.  We can sort it.  What’s your name?”

Jordan” he whispered but i couldn’t hear him.

I can’t hear you mate, my name’s Mike.  What’s your name?

“Jordan”  He said

” That’s my nephews name mate – Jordan.  He’s only 21.  I’ve got 4 kids mate.  Please don’t jump Jordan.  Please don’t make me have to go home and explain this to me kids”

Cars started to pull up on the bridge and watch.  A girl with blonde hair got out of her car and stared at us then began dialing a number into her phone. A guy on a bike came past but stopped 10 yards from us.

Then, Jordan started to lean forward.  I held him as tight as i could and started screaming at him

“Jordan – i fucking love you mate.  at this very moment in time i fucking love you mate and Jordan i know it doesn’t feel like it but other people love you as well mate”  I didn’t really know what i was saying but i was in a state of shock and i just wanted to keep talking to him to let him know there was someone there.

He began to lean forward again as if he was going to just fall onto the motorway and i started to get upset and started screaming at him – “Jordan – please please don’t do this.  think about it, it’s not just you.  If you jump onto that motorway, it will cause chaos, you could kill other people.  Someones Mam or someones Dad, someones Daughter or someones Son.  You won’t just be killing yourself, you’ll be killing innocent people and i know you don’t want to do that.”

More cars pulled up and people were staring at me and Jordan and  i wanted to scream at them “Will someone please help me here, i’m out of my depth, i don’t know what i’m doing and he’s going to jump.”  I don’t know why but i expect a specialist cop to turn up and use his negotiation skills to talk this poor young man from jumping but there was nothing but a crowd of people staring at us.

“Jordan, i want you to come over the other side of the barrier mate and we’ll keep talking.  Have you got mental health problems Jordan?”

“Yea, I’m schizophrenic.”

“Have you got a good CPN mate?”

“Yea” then he said a name but i couldn’t hear him for the sound of the busy motorway below.

“Well come over here and we’ll phone him and he can sort it all out.  He can help you.  Jordan, i know it all feels like shit at the moment but it won’t be in the morning”

“But i’ve not got any credit in my phone.” Jordan said, distraught.

I remembered my phone falling on to the road as i got out the car.  Still gripping hold of him, i turned round and saw my phone.

“Jordan”  I felt like i had to keep saying his name.  I felt like i had to keep telling him he was alive and I was arsed about him.  Jordan, turn round and look, my phone is on the road. it fell when i leapt from my car.  Use mine to phone your CPN.  I had to get him to turn around and stop staring at the on rushing traffic below.

He did, he turned and i saw him full on for the first time.  He was a kid in a mans body.  His face was so young, almost childlike.  That’s when i noticed the guy on the bike again – i started mouthing to him in silence to come over and give me a hand but he stayed there.  So i beckoned him over with my one free arm, still tightly gripping Jordan with the other.

More people had arrived.  Cars were queueing on the bridge.  I shouted to the guy on the bike.

“Can you give me a lift here mate?” and he slowly began to walk towards me.

“Jordan, we are going to lift you back over the barrier mate.  You stay still and we’ll pull you over.  It was at this point i got really scared.  What happens if he slips.  It might look like it was my fault.  To any onlooker who had just arrived, it might have looked like a tussell that ended up with Jordan falling.  But i didn’t care.  I just wanted to get him back over the barrier to safety.  So me and the guy on the bike put our arms under his and dragged him backwards over the high barrier to safety.

I just gripped him and put both my arms around him and held him like he was one of my kids.   I just wanted him to know that someone in this world cared about him. and to be honest, i needed a hug.

At this point the blonde girl came over and started talking to him as if she knew him.

Then a guy ran over and flashed his police warrant card and said, “I’m taking him to hospital” and he did.  He took him away.

I just stood there in the pissing rain with loads of people stood around in shock.  Then i notice my car, with its door wide open and the queue of traffic.  So i jumped in my car and drove home and wrote this.  I wanted to write it quickly so that i could remember everything that happened and so that someone might contact me to let me know that Jordan was alright.

If you were there or if you were the cop who took him away – please contact me and let me know what happened.


388 thoughts on “I’ve just stopped a guy from jumping off Cheadle Bridge onto the M60 Motorway

  1. Just wanted to send you a virtual big, big hug. hat a terrible thing to happen to him and to you. Poor Jordan. Thank goodness you were there. You did a really brave, good thing, but I think this will stay with you for a long time. I hope Jordan can get better and never again feel so bad that he has to resort to trying to end his life.

  2. Oh my god, you are amazing. And selfless.
    I applaud you, and don’t wish to sound patronising, but well done.
    I hope Jordan recognises what you did, and if not today, but one day thanks you for it.

  3. What an amazing thing to do.
    Well done, and a very moving account.
    I hope that Jordan recovers.
    Thank you from him and from me.

  4. Powerful stuff and a sign of the times. Reminds me that before the writer there has to be a person, and before writing, being. Nice one, for the deed and the writing.

  5. Wow. You are a hero. What an unbelievably brave thing to do – I’m sure Jordan will be eternally grateful when he is himself again. I really hope he is okay. I am so proud of you and I don’t even know you x

  6. Fucking hell. I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now, what an amazing reaction. Shivers went through me as I read it, I think you were fantastic to do what you did and talking to him and holding him and reminding him of his name was all good things to do. I hope Jordan is OK. I hope you are OK. Big love mister, you are awesome.

  7. Well done Mike, you should be so proud. I know yr probably in shock just now but once that wears off you will see that it was an act of great bravery and one of kindness. Not everyone would have done the same. I know what it’s like to live with depression but gave never felt so low that I would want to end it all x

  8. An incredible story. Really really fantastic. You did a great thing. Good to know someone cared enough to help, but such a shame about the rubber-neckers. Twats.

    I hope you recover from the shock (have some hot sweet tea) and I hope you learn what happened to Jordan.

    Great, uplifting, and slightly scary post.


  9. Wow. You did an amazing thing that reaffirms my faith in humanity. I hope Jordan is okay and gets the help he needs. And you, my friend, did everything right in a terrible situation that you were thrust into. People can learn from your example. I have.

  10. I read this with my heart in my mouth, but for you would everyone else just have stood and watched him jump? You saved a mans life tonight, and maybe even more lives than you could ever know. You’re a true hero, please keep us updated if you hear any news.

  11. Well done mate, I want to be the guy that jumps out the car and throws my arms round someone, I want to be the guy that gets involved.

    I want mates like you, because if you show that much kindness to a stranger I can only imagine what kind of friend you are.

    Well done.

    1. will – i’m crying reading this mate – such brilliant words – thank you so much and i bet you’ve got mates who’d do the same – did you read the conclusion to events?

  12. Thank you. I’m not connected to the event in any way, but I want you to know that in the only way I know how, I’m reaching out to you, hugging you, and saying what you did really mattered. You changed the course of things. You gave him another chance. Thank you.

  13. Hi,

    After reading this blog update I can’t say how proud you should be. I work in the Police Force, and to read about some one having so much courage as you to do what you did makes me proud.

    You should be Very VERY Proud of yourself mate!!

  14. You have just done a fantastic thing. That must have taken the bravery of a lion. Thank you from the rest of society as you didn’t just look on, you stepped in and saved at least one life (probably more). I admire you.

  15. Mike you’ve done a fantastic thing tonight! Too many people drive on by or stop and stare rather than try to help. I’m a mental health nurse and I don’t think I’d know what to say to someone in that situation. You acted selflessly, spoke from the heart and saved a life. I hope Jordan gets the help and support he needs. L x

  16. Mike, I was in absolute tears reading this. Firstly your bravery is astounding, I know from experience many people would have driven past before you arrived, yet you stopped……and you saved his life and without doubt that of many people on the carriageway below!

    Secondly I’m amazed you were just left standing there, on your own after an incident like that! I’m appalled the officer who turned up never called police patrol for you, to ensure your safety and to make sure you were ok! You should contact the police who cover that area.

    Something people should be saying is thank you mike! Thank you for your extraordinary effort at saving a life, thank you for stopping and getting involved in a situation that had nothing to do with you nor had experience in handling, but more than anything thank you for being a kind person and careing about others. If only the world was made up of people like you.

    With much love

  17. What a hero you are. You didnt turn your back, you gave that bloke just what he needed. YOU.

    You were in the right place at the right time, although i dont know if you would agree with me.
    You are a guardian angel in disguise.
    Well Done to you on saving that young mans life. I sincerley hope he gets the support and help he so desperately needs. I wish you and your family peace and happiness.
    Take care Andrea x

  18. Mike….much Love to you for doing such a selfless act! I hope you find out if he’s safe and back with people who Love and care for him! X

  19. I wasn’t there but I’m really moved by what you did. I hope your heart always remains bigger than your head. We’re all lucky to have you. I’ll be thinking of Jordan and the thousands of others who need to know that someone cares about them. If others reading this are like me and don’t know what they would have done in that situation, please think about what you can do: talk to or listen to those who need someone, volunteer to reach out to people in your own community who go unnoticed, donate if you can to organisations who do the same. Thank you for what you did.

  20. Let’s hope Jordan’s getting some good help now. You did a truly great thing there, rather than pass on by like most people would. I’m feeling shaky just thinking about it.

  21. Thank you for being the concerned, caring person you are. What a wonderful support you were to Jordan and though he may not fully appreciate what you did yet, I’m sure his family does. And I’m certain your family is most proud of you as well. BTW. I was not there. I live in the US and just happened to see your blog.

  22. Absolutely awesome of you to do that. Many people would merely have watched Jordans story untold.
    Watched him leap or fall to his death, unaware of any of his problems, unaware that only a few kind words could perhaps stop him.
    Get yourself a strong brew mate as some time tonight, this will hit you like a ton of bricks.

    Well done! And we can only hope that Jordan gets the help and support he so desperately needs.

  23. Amazing, it takes a very special someone to have the courage to do something like that. As you witnessed, a lot of people would not want to stand up and help. I hope you’re very proud of your actions best wishes x

  24. Bloody hell mate. Are you all right? You must be really shaken up, that’s something no-one should have to go through. I will look into who Jordan is – I am involved in mental health care in Stockport & Cheadle, so will ask around for you. It’s important that you look after yourself, okay? TAke a Brandy, play with your kids, just take it easy tonight. When someone is saved from committing suicide, everyone looks after the patient but the random member of public who inadvertently gets involved, is often forgotten. You can contact me on my email address if you need anything. Take care, and well done. Ali x

  25. Thank you for caring enough about a perfect stranger to make such a huge effort to engage with someone clearly at the end of their endurance. You persevered despite fear and that is wonderful to hear about..

  26. I stumbled upon your blog. Not entirely sure how. Just glad I did. And glad to know there are still people out there who care enough to do just what you did. Thank you. I wish you peace. Lily x

  27. It made me cry when I read this. I tried to kill myself 10 years and someone saved me . You are a saviour and hopefully one day this man will be grateful if he gets the help he deserves. My life has been transformed and I am so grateful to the man that saved me. Thank you for sharing it bought back memories but once again it made me realise what fantasticpeople out there.

  28. Hi – i have just read this. I am so very sorry for the Trauma you went through today, I am also sorry for that poor guy who wanted to jump.
    I obviously don’t know what happened to him, but I can tell you that I am a mental health patient, and I have been picked up by the police before for the exact same thing.
    What they do is, they detain the person under a section 136 then take them to a psychiatric hospital for an assessment to see whether they need sectioning or not.
    If he was sectioned he will either be on a section 2 or 3 and in hospital, section 2 is one month section 6 is 3 months.
    If he was released, he will have the crisis team support, 24.7 phone support and daily visits.
    So I think hell be ok!
    You did an amazing job! You should be so proud of yourself!

  29. You are a hero. My son could easily have been that young man. I hope you find out if he’s ok. I hope he’s being looked after too.

  30. You are an absolute hero. Thank goodness you were there.

    I am reading this in tears, I hope Jordan is ok and getting all the help and love he needs.

    I hope you’re ok too and not too shaken up.

  31. mate you are brilliant i wish the young chap jordan all the best as i was in this position with my own son a few years ago a job well done and thank you for taking the time to care many people dont god bless you xx

  32. I’ve lost two friends to suicide. Thank you so much for stopping Jordan breaking the hearts of everyone who loves him. I haven’t the words to say how much I appreciate and admire what you did.

  33. Wow. You are incredibly brave. Humans have either ‘fight or flight’ inbuilt into them and you have shown you are truly one of life’s fighters.

    I hope somebody lets you know Jordan is – I’m sure the local police station will be interested to speak with you so may be worth a call to them.

    I don’t know you, but I am really very proud of you.

  34. I do not know you or Jordan, as far as I know, but I want to say thank you. Thank you for caring and your humanity. Thank you on behalf of all parents and all children everywhere.

  35. You are an amazing individual. Amazing, compassionate, human. I admire your courage and care for this stranger.

  36. I’m sorry I can’t help with your request for information on this poor confused man, but having just read this I felt I had to say what a fantastic job you did to help the guy. It must take great courage to put yourself in that situation and I am sure that there will be some very grateful people out there. Depression and mental illness is such a taboo and misunderstood illness with some people and I think they are too frightened to get involved, but we are all just people , and all deserve to be treated the same….once again well done and I hope you get some information, and I hope they guy gets whatever help he needs x

  37. It takes a special sort of person to get involved, to put yourself at risk to save another. You should be very very pleased with yourself tonight. As someone who (until tomorrow) works with adults with MH problems who fairly often do things like this I would like to say thank you, thank you very much. “Jordan” could have been one of mine. You could have kept driving but you didn’t. You saved a life tonight, so put your feet up and have a nice cup of tea!

    If you want to check up on him do phone your local plod.

  38. Your blog made the hairs on my arms stand up and brought me to tears. I don’t know Jordan but hope you find out how he’s doing.

    I wish the world had many more amazing, brave and caring people like you in it. I have a mental illness and know others likewise and just hope that we all have an angel looking over our shoulders like you during the difficult times. Much peace and love to you and yours xxx

  39. mate,..you are a superb human,…your kids are very lucky to have a dad like you,..in fact,.the world is lucky to have you,..I dont know Jordan,..but thank you for being there for him x

  40. My friend posted a link to here on Facebook, and I felt compelled to send you a message.

    Thank you for posting this. I’m crying reading it. I’ve been in the mental state Jordan has been in (though not schizophrenic) and what that you did was so heroic, and so… right. When I’ve felt like that, to hear someone say they loved me, to point out that it all mattered, and that it would hurt so many more people than just me is what I needed to know. I love you so much in a way right now for what you did and I don’t know you and will most likely never meet you. You’ve has restored my faith in humanity that wavers a lot at times, and I’m pretty damn sure you helped Jordan have some faith in the world too.

    Sorry that’s a bit of an essay there, but that is so emotive and so close to the bone for me. There are some damn good people in the world. ♥

    Thank you

  41. Thank you! I’ve taken a suicide prevention course and not sure I could have done what you did. You listened and opened your heart though and it saved a life. I can do that 🙂 best wishes to you:)

  42. I’m sorry I can’t help you with updates of Jordan but just wanted to firstly send you a huge ((hug)) and secondly say thank you for what you did….

    I don’t know much about schizophrenia but I do understand depression and the dark places it can take you. Not everyone around you knows you need that support as you learn to put on a ‘mask’ of smiles, jump expertly over the hurdles life throws at you, but inside the thoughts & feelings can eat away at you..

    The place that Jordan was in must have been so frightening, not seeing a way out but your support and understanding would have made a huge difference.

    I hope you get an update soon x

  43. A mate of mine linked to this tonight on FB – just wanted to say, dude, you restore my faith in humanity with this. Good man. best wishes, Lyn

  44. Hi Mike,

    I wasn’t there and I don’t know Jordan but I just wanted to say that I wish there were more people out there like you. I think everyone would like to think that if they were in the same situation they would have done the same thing that you did…but from experience I know that they don’t. You saved a mans life by doing something as simple as talking to him and making him feel like a person, a person worth saving. I hope your kids are proud of you and that you tell this story to them, and that you tell it to your students and your friends because maybe then they can really see that one act of kindness can make a difference and they might in turn stop to someone in need rather than turn a blind eye, I hope that they understand that every person is worth saving and that if they ever find themselves struggling with life, there are still people out there, even if those people are strangers there is someone that gives a shit. I hope you find out what happens to Jordan and I hope he finds the support and strength to get through whatever it is that led him to being on that bridge. You are a good man. I just needed to say that to you.

    Take Care,

  45. Hi there. I saw the link to this blog on the Rethink twitter feed. Just wanted to say thank you. My Dad killed himself when I was 18 and I wish someone like you had been there, like you were there for Jordan today. Not everyone would have done what you did. You reached out to someone at the lowest, most desperate point in their lives. Always remember that.

  46. Hi, I would like to think that if my son or daughter was in that particular state of mind that a man like you would be their Guardian Angel.
    Your bravery and kindness singles you out as one of life’s good guys.

  47. Wow, your compassion, bravery and love is overwhelming – Jordan will cherish the moment your lives collided. And your kids will grow up knowing their dad’s a hero and learning that there but for the grace of whatever goes any of us. I hope someone gets news of Jordan to you. Thank you.

  48. Mate I saw the link to your site through MIND the MH charity, I just want to say thank you for caring, on behalf of anyone whos been in that mindset or felt the feelings thank you .
    Youre a star and I hope more people would react the same way.

  49. Wow , your adrenaline must be pumping , what a night, what a crazy moment in time, one your never forget- nor will Jordan. You’ve shared with him a moment in his life that will stay with you both no matter the final outcome. Bless to you both x

  50. Well done mate, fantastic work.

    If you call GMP and tell them what happened and your role in it I am sure that they will give you whatever deatils they can of what the outcome was (probably not too much personal detail as they will need to respect the other guys privacy).

    Their non-emergency number is now 101 – if you dial that in another force area you’ll get a choice of which force you want, so select Greater Manchester Police.

    If you have any difficulty getting the information let me know (@Peter_Kirkham on Twitter or the e-mail attached to this comment) and I’ll see what I can do for you (I know Ch Supt Sutcliffe, the divisional commander at Stockport, and will get a message via her to see what can be done)

  51. May the angels watch over you and yours, a truly heroic act – you saved a man’s life by acting on your instincts. A truly selfless act. I hope you find out how Jordan is doing.
    Its good to know there are still good people out there. Much respect Babsy xx

  52. I hope that you can get an update. Well done, brave of you, I hope now this guy can get some help and support he so clearly needs. I wish there could be help before things got to this point. Be kind to yourself tonight X

  53. Mike, wow. You’ve just saved Jordan’s life. I have mental health problems, and you were clearly a gift sent to Jordan. This story has touched my life, I cannot imagine what an amazing impact it will have on yours. Thank you for having the courage to go to Jordan. Many people ate frightened of us people with mental health problems. What you have done tonight, is what life is all about. I think it must have meant do much to hear you tell him you love him… I cannot express in words how brave and courageous what you did was and is. You have saved someone’s life and have changed everybody’s life involved from his CPN to the passing drivers… It makes me feel so much better knowing there are wonderful people in the world like you. You’re kids are going to be do proud of their dad! God bless. Love, Claire

  54. I really hope someone is able to update you. You did what very few people have the courage to do. Thank you for caring about this guy’s life. What a role model you are.

  55. i just found your blog post via rethink on facebook – i’ve shared it on there and on twitter, and really hope you hear. might be worth trying your luck calling the local hospitals?

    you are an amazing person, and a reminder that there are amazing people that care about other people out there.

    i really hope that jordan gets the support he needs.

    bless you. w

  56. I’m in tears mate, really, well done for what you did, you did a brilliant thing. I hope that you find out about Jordan soon. I can’t put anything into words for you…speechless. x

  57. alright mate, what a hard evening you’ve just had. hope you are feeling ok?? what you did was wonderful, you should be really proud of yourself. the world needs more people like you xxxx

  58. Good work, Godisamanc. I hope you get news (hopefully good) very quickly. Take it easy yourself, now too. xxx

  59. Dude great job! I can’t believe you saved that young mans life! You were his angel. God bless you! I hope you find out about Jordan.

  60. Well done sweet. You did good 🙂 You should be super proud of yourself. Hope you’re ok. Thank you for what you did. Makes me glad to know there are some brave people left in the world xx

  61. I’m sorry that i can’t help you find Jordan, but it made me very glad to know there are people like you in the world.
    You did a really good thing. Something i’m not sure i could do, but well done.

  62. This has just made me cry, what a wonderful thing you have done. I hope he gets the help he deserves, your kids must be very proud

  63. Wow. I’m a friend of your bros (huey) – followed his tweet to here. Gobsmacked. Thank you for sharing. Imagine you might still be pretty shaken, but damn… that was a serious situation, and you saved it/him. Hope you’re feeling damn good about yourself because you deserve to. Wow (again).

  64. On a day when we’ve just heard such sad news I am so grateful to hear that somebody got a Christmas miracle after all. Whatever Providence brought you to be there at the right time should be thanked. At least there will be one less family having to mourn a senseless tragedy. Well done to you for finding the strength & the kindness to bring someone back from the brink. Pour yourself a large brandy & drink well in the knowledge you did good tonight. All the best wishes to you & your family. XxX

  65. You are a hero and your family and friends will be so proud of you as will the family and friends of Jordan. I hope that someone tells you what happened because now you and Jordan will always be linked.

  66. I’m about to burst into tears on the bus. You, sir, are an amazing human being *hugs*

    I hope someone can let you know how Jordan is. I also hope you’re okay; get some rest and lots of hugs. Don’t think that people will think you wrong for wanting someone to talk to about what happened. It will have been physically and emotionally draining. Stay well, you’re hero.

  67. I really hope someone gets in touch with you and lets you know what happened next with Jordan.
    I also really hope that you’re ok as well. Make sure you look after yourself too, as shock can be bad for you.

  68. A few months ago someone in my church physically stopped a young adult jumping off a bridge. Not so much talking, no time for anyone like police to arrive, the person soon ran off out of sight. The guy’s mind struggled with questions about them for a week or so after, so make sure you have people close to you who can pray for you and Jordan. As the police did get involved, perhaps it’s worth contacting your/the local police station at least so they have your contact details even if nobody does follow it up with you (I don’t know how such things work).

    I don’t know if there are specialised cops that eventually arrive like in the movies. Even if there are, I don’t know that everyone has the ability to share the sort of love you have.

  69. I’m so glad I read this. Mike, you have almost certainly saved this young man’s life, so very well done, we are extremely proud of you.
    All the Very best to you.

  70. Very well done for doing something many people wouldn’t have either the presence of mind, the courage or the inclination to do. Even though I don’t know either you or the man you met that night, thank you on behalf of him and everyone that cares about him (I don’t doubt there are a good many that care about him despite how it may have seemed at the time)

    Wishing you and yours all the very best this Christmas.

  71. Good God I don’t believe it. I work in Preston and travel from Chorlton everyday. Like you, I let the trucks and audis speed past as I trundle along in my little car, coaxing it along. The weather has been dreadful for driving lately and I’m not sure I’d have seen someone in this position. I hope you find Jordan and I hope he’s okay – I work at a health centre and have an uncle who suffers from dementia. I know how badly mental health problems can effect people. I can’t believe that police officer didn’t ask for eye witness accounts of what had happened – a bit irresponsible if you ask me.

  72. Your account was so moving, I had to leave a comment.

    I hope you are ok and, of course, Jordan.

    It’s people like you that help restore my faith in human nature.

  73. You my friend are a hero and although you probably won’t believe it, it’s true. You are a doer. Too many people would have sat and watched or just driven by wondering what might of happened. It goes without saying how this could of ended. In life I strive to be the person like you, the one who without thought or consequence for your own life selflessly rush to help others. The world would be better with more of you in it.

    Well done and if our paths ever cross il buy you a pint


  74. Thanks for trying. My son died 6 months ago. He jumped off a bridge early one morning. No one saw him. I wish someone like you had been there. Someone who cared enough to try. I’m glad some other mother’s son has a chance to rewrite the script because you were there. Thank you.

  75. Godismanic, you are a very strong, incredibly brave, and extremely loving man. You have my utter admiration. I really hope that you get the answers you’re looking for xx

  76. God bless you – what an amazing day – scary, life changing and instinctively loving. I hope you find out that Jordan got the help he needed.

  77. Well done mate. Well done for caring – for giving a shit. With the right dose of medication, Jordan can live a normal life. Trust me, I am extremely close to somebody who suffered from schizophrenia, and the right medicine really can help.

    That lad would have probably been hearing voices, telling him to do it bless him. Those voices her heard were every bit as real to him as yours were.

    You should be proud of achieving a wonderful thing tonight mate.

  78. wow what a remarkable act of concern and care for others , be proud of yourself ! as you say so many people just stood and stared at you I salute your couragous act of compasion for others . welldone god bless you

  79. That is truly heroic what you done. In a state of shock and panic you remained calm and clear. What is your profession – may I ask? More people like you are needed in Mental Health teams. I hope the young man gets all the support he needs to get better. 🙂

  80. It’s easy to drive past and leave it for someone else. It was a very selfless and philanthropic act. You should be proud of potentially saving dozens of lives.

  81. That was a wonderful thing you did. Thank you for sharing it. I hope Jordan is Ok and I will say a prayer for him. You did so well.

  82. Simply amazing. I doubt anyone has said it to you so I will. Thanks. If there were more people like you maybe there would be less people like Jordan. Good job m8

  83. I’m not Jordan. I am in hospital at the moment, with a schizophrenia-type mental illness.
    I’m going home soon. I’m glad to be alive.
    Thank you.

    1. Just an idea – maybe you could send a card addressed to ‘Jordan’ to the local psych hospital?
      He may not be in the nearest, and he may well not be up to replying for a while, but if he does get it, I’m sure it will be very much appreciated at a difficult time.

      Stamped addressed envelopes are thoughtful if you’d like a reply, he might not be allowed out to buy odds and ends for a while.

  84. Mike your bravery astounds me! I’m crying reading what you and Jordan have been through today, funny how many people stop and stare but it takes someone AMAZING to do what you did. I’m proud to say i know you (if only a little) :o) well done xxx

  85. Thank goodness you were there!!!!!!!!!…and thank you for saving Jordan’s life! I noticed this because I live in Stockport and know the place you mean. I once ended up in the MHU but nothing as dramatic as this. They treated me very well and although I still take antidepressants am still living to enjoy my children and grandchildren. I’m sure they’ll do the same for Jordan. Thank you once again!

  86. Wow. thanks, you’ve just restored a bit of my faith in humanity, you rock, I hope you find out what happened to him (and that its that he got the help he needed)

  87. What a truly amazing thing you did, you deserve a medal. I really hope someone knows what happened and let’s you know Jordan is okay and is getting help.

  88. Wow, that is such an amazing story. Well done for helping that poor man, jordan. Most people just would not bother their arses but they would want to watch! You should be proud of yourself and Jordan I really hope you get the help and support that you need. All the very best to you both xxx

  89. You’re amazing! I have lost someone to that very method of suicide. You saved that man from it and his friends and family from going through what I did. Thank you. I hope you hear from someone that he is ok. xxx

  90. Well done for doing this – thousands wouldn’t have been arsed, but you didn’t just to do the right thing, but you took a considerable risk in doing so.

    From the bottom of my heart – thank you. Thank you for having the guts and the morals to do what hardly anyone else would have.

    You are epic.

  91. Bless you for what you did. You showed real balls and compassion to a stranger. Can I suggest you try ringing any police stations telling them who you are and what you did. You never know there maybe an Officer who would be able to give you some news, just bare in mind they are bound by confidentiality and any info would likely be limited.

    I hope your feeling ok, that was a momentous thing to experience.


  92. I don’t know you but I read this on fb. I hope jordan is ok and that you find out how he is. Having been pulled off q bridge myself in july I just want to tell you that you were a true hero. I wish the person who pulled me off the bridge had actually shown the same amount of care and compassion and love for another human being as you did. Yes, they pulled. Me off, but didn’t speak to me, didn’t tell me it would be ok, that they cared. They just bundled me in an ambulance like a sack of unimportant potatoes. Like someone who had lost their mind. Be PROUD!! You did and said all the right things. Please let me know if you hear how jordan is. As a fellow mental health sufferer currently sectioned in hospital I’m concerned for him. Rona

    1. Hi Rona

      I’ve just read your comment and wanted to say that I hope you’re doing OK and that you will soon be able to live your life more easily.


  93. What a great man you are! Thank God there are people like you in this world. I am wondering about Jordan too like many more who read this post. Hope he is ok….

  94. You, you, YOU are the beauty and light and love of humanity. Thank you. I know I would have done the same. And for that, I am thankful. We are each other’s keeper. We are. We just are. If only more of us would remember that core, critical fact… Jordan wouldn’t have wanted to jump.

  95. what a brave thing you did. A couple of years ago a young woman threw herself off a bridge on the M60 when we were travelling underneath. t was deeply traumatic and a huge waste. I only wish you’d been there to help her too. Hope you find out how he s soon. God bless you mate. You WERE fucking arsed. Good on you.

  96. Thank you for saving Jordan’s life. Thank you for your courage, for your humanity, for your profound appreciation for life and the precariousness of it, for having hope, for not thinking twice, for being whoever you are because as you have witnessed, not every person is connected enough to their heart, to their soul, or whatever you want to name it, to be able to love a stranger, to love the preciousness of life, to be able to care. I’m sure you don’t feel like you chose to do this, but it says something regardless of the kind of human being you are, it says something of the quality of your soul/self/you-ness that you could reach this young man.

    Ten years ago I jumped off a road bridge. I didn’t stop at the top for long enough so that anyone could stop me. Somehow I survived. At the moment I am involved with a campaign to help prevent suicide at a local bridge which is a common ‘jumping off point’ and so few people will dare to hope, dare to have faith that it is worth the effort. Kids shout “jump!” from their school windows (it overlooks the bridge) or people ay “they’ll do it anyway if they’re determined enough”. This proves them wrong.

    Reading this has moved me and touched me deeply. You didn’t just save Jordan this evening, you saved a piece of me.

    Thank you doesn’t do it.


    L xx

    PS I don’t know you, Mike, but I love you. Thank god your kids have a dad like you.

  97. It seems the comment about this is happening elsewhere, but I really think you need something a bit more concrete than the transient compliments on Twitter.

    Well done. You are someone who cares, someone who restores faith in humanity and does it without thinking.

    If this is what happened, then I completely understand racing home to write it up – its almost as if the scene is unreal until you see it in text.

    That was a lovely thing. I hope he is feeling better.

  98. Mike you are so brave – thank you so much for caring & giving your time. From a mother who is just grateful it wasn’t her son – Happy Christmas – you are a true teacher! xx

  99. I just want to add that I’m also on twitter @pickle256 if its easier to tweet me!! I’m now following you!! Rona

  100. I am in tears reading this. You have done an amazing thing helping Jordan & preventing him from taking his life, a family still have him this Christmas due to your actions. I really hope that someone gets in touch with you to let you know what has happened with him. Most people would not have done anything, not through a lack of the desire, but as you witnessed through complete shock at what they are witnessing. I believe things happen for a reason, there was a reason you were on the bridge & saw Jordan before he jumped. I hope people read this & realise that no matter what there really is a way out & they talk to someone. You are an inspiration x

  101. …go & get a stiff drink, a hot bath & play some relaxing music (or my personal favourite, have a good cry) – you wil probably be in shock.

    Well doe for caring, for helping, for making a difference – not just the guy tonight, but to everyone else who stopped – who hear, saw this unfold – maybe they will go home & hug their own a little tighter.

    Your a good guy 🙂

  102. Look up hero in the dictionary. I think you’ll find it’ll link to this page.

    You sir, are an absolute star. Most people would have just stopped and watched, if they did anything at all. You didn’t, you saved someone’s life today. I don’t know you, and I don’t know Jordan, but thank you, I’m sincerely glad there are people like you in this world.

  103. Incredible. You deserve applause for what you did and I am certain you will get it from many more people than me.

    Call the police, they should be able to find out what happened and will understand your concerns.

  104. Nice one Mike, too many people would probably just driven past, and probably had before you came along. I am sure that once the kid gets himself sorted out he will realise just how grateful he is for the simple human compassion of a stranger.

  105. You are an amazing man. I don’t know you, and I don’t know Jordan. But you’re amazing, and I thought you should know.

  106. You are amazing mate. I love you for doing this. If you find out who he is and if he’s ok tell him I love him too.

  107. Wow. That’s such a shocking experience. Well done for sticking with Jordan and for not giving up on him in his moment of need.

    Look after yourself… I hope both you and Jordan have supportive and loving people around you.

    Sleep well.

  108. Well done, Mike. It sounds like you just knew exactly what to say to Jordan, if that is his name. Somewhere there is a family that will be so glad you cared enough to stop and act so decisively.
    Next time Jordon relapses he may remember that you cared. Hopefully, that alone will help him. Thanks, mate.

  109. I read this on a friend’s Facebook page. I don’t know you but I want you to know that you are a hero in my eyes right now. So many people would have just filed it under ‘someone else’s problem’ and driven past but you didn’t. You stopped and you saved a young man’s life. I hope that Jordan is now somewhere safe getting the help he needs.

  110. READ THIS THOUGHTFULLY AND CAREFULLY : This is a terrible trend, its shows that what Europe has rejected for years and is currently rejecting now will eventually be the only hope of people in this distressed world. I’m talking of the Gospel Of The Lord Jesus Christ. Perilous times are in the world and Jesus prophesied of ‘distress of nations’ and also of ‘mens hearts failing them for fear’ Tellingly, He also said ‘in the world You’ll have tribulations but in Me, You’ll have peace’ depression will abound and even depression specialists too will get caught in this stuff too. You might feel offended at this but in Your Heart Of Hearts do You know of a better and more excellent way out? Answer That Yourself. Love You All!

  111. “Jordan – i fucking love you mate. at this very moment in time i fucking love you”

    this made me clasp my hands to my mouth and start crying. as someone who has been that close to suicide, i can’t even begin to tell you what it would have meant to hear that. i hope you find out what happened to him and if he’s okay. you did right, you did well. thank you.

  112. Mike, I read your message after it had gone through several RTs on Twitter. I once convinced someone to come back around a bridge barrier, so I know the exhaustion you must be feeling right now. You did what you needed to do for your own well-being, and as a result you most certainly gave Jordan an opportunity to continue in the world. Along with you, I celebrate his life. Thank you for your reminder of what is truly important.

  113. You did a really really good thing Mike and I hope you find out what happened to Jordan – I’m sure he’ll have been looked after. I wish you luck, love, light and laughter in your life. x

  114. I live literally round the corner from the bridge. I will do my best to find out if anyone knew him and what actually happened to him. What date and time did this happen?

  115. I live literally round the corner from this bridge. Ill do my best to find out what happened to him and who he was. What time did this happen and what day?

  116. Mike – On this day ten years ago (6/12/2001), my very close friend John, who was also schizophrenic, jumped in front of an 8 ton truck. He died a short while later. He had suffered for some time before this, his motives were plain to see and understandable.
    I have known people make a full recovery from severe mental illness and I am sure John would of recovered if he was still here today. He had no Mike on that day.
    I hope Jordan makes a recovery and has some happy times ahead.
    You are a hero. You have made a difference.
    Thank You for adding hope to the day I enjoy the least in the year.

  117. I am assuming you are from the other side of the pond what we really need is people like you over here in the United States. What you did was heroic and profoundly compassionate without regard to your own safety while only interested in saving another human being. It’s ironic I just wrote a piece on a 38yr old woman who committed suicide and then I see your posting which had a much happier ending. I don’t know you either however I Love you and your family and loved ones, do take care, I hope the man gets the help he needs.

  118. You are truly amazing! What a terrifying experience. Thank God, you and your Morris Minor where in the right place, at the right time, to save Jordan’s life. Your hands must have been absolutely shaking when you got home and started wrting about your experience. I know mine would have been. Doing a ‘good turn’ is one thing, but what you went through with Jordan, is quite another. Hat’s off to you

  119. Wow. This is an amazing story.

    You are truly an amazing person. You saved a man’s life today. Thank you so much for what you did, and for your bravery and courage in such a traumatic situation.

    My hat goes off to you.

  120. Please update us all if you hear anything. I have witnessed a jumper from the same or similar bridge a Couple of years ago. I was driving at the time and still feel the chill down my spine reading your story.

    Remember that today you were chosen to be the only person with the strength to take control and ACT! I like to believe we all have such selfless auto-pilot protective traits as art of our DNA.
    A very warm, non patronising and heartfelt Thank You

  121. dude you are a fucking STAR!!!!!! just saving that ones guys life will save many more. I can see him talking down the next guy then hell talk down the next one and so on. You need a medal…and a hug for being so fucking brave!

  122. I saw this posted on Facebook. Not sure who you are, but I’m from Manchester and moved to USA over ten years ago. I’ve been working for a crisis line over here for about ten years now. I know you weren’t thinking when you ran over to help that man. I still wanted to thank you for giving a shit and doing what it took to keep him safe. Sometimes people just need a helping hand when they’re staring death in the face. It really does make a difference when people feel like living is unbearable. Suicide is not something people like to talk about much. Thanks for doing your part to help!

  123. My lecturer posted the link to this on facebook, and I honestly cried when I read it.
    This post has restored some of my faith back into humanity.
    You should be extremely proud of yourself for what you did for that man. You’ve saved a life.
    I can’t even put into words what I want to say.
    I hope you find out how Jordan is doing, keep us posted!

  124. Hi,

    I saw this via twitter today. And I just want to say thanks.

    I know this bridge. I’m sure I used to drive over it everyday when I was a kid a long long time ago.

    I remember as a kid looking at the traffic and thinking bad things.

    So thank you. It takes someone amazing to stop and do something. Most people sit there and look, and will never lift a finger. But you took that step and saved Jordans life.

    you are someone truly amazing.

  125. Well done, mate. I came here from a friend’s link on Facebook – she said “People like this guy are why my faith in humanity has not vanished completely.” She is right, too.

  126. Just arrived here via a link on twitter. You did a good thing, the world is a good place with people like you in it. I hope Jordan gets the care he needs.

  127. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you did! You saved his life, and stopped a permanent hole from opening up in everyone who knows this man. My brother tried to kill himself once. The pain of attempted suicide is bad enough. I know you didn’t know what to say — maybe no one really does. But you did your best, that’s what counts, and you made a difference. Thank you!

  128. Very gripping read. I don’t know you, but after what you pointed out in this story, I realize that it does not matter. You are a great person and so is everyone else.

  129. My mate jumped off a motorway bridge a few years back. Nobody saw it coming, and nobody knows why he did.

    There are people in this world who have loved Jordan, who love Jordan and who will love Jordan in the future. Many of them will probably never know how this ‘Sliding Doors’ moment could have ended so differently.

    So on their behalf, I’d like to say ‘thank you’ for what you did.

  130. Hi there, One of my mates just read your blog and posted it on facebook so maybe we can find someone who knows something. I’m writing as I work in mental health and have a couple of suggestions but not sure if you hadn’t already thought anyway.. firstly I’d call your local hospital and ask if anyone called Jordan has been admitted to psychiatric ward and explain that although you know they can’t give out any personal details (confidentaility etc as I’m sure you’re aware) please could they just tell you that he’s ok and under there care. I’d explain who you are and I’m pretty sure they’d be able to tell you at least something. I’ve had to send a couple of ppl to hospital in my job even though I technically not supposed to deal with high risk and know how scary it is worrying about them etc although can’t imagine how you are feeling at all as that’s beyond scary!!) and I’ve done the same just found out that they attended hospital etc. sometimes they won’t tell you more than that but you could always ask if you could at least leave a message or write a card to this guy?? Not sure the total ins and outs of the system as it’s not my direct area.

    He will have been admitted from what you’ve said as he was a danger to himself and others. They will have or will do contacted his CPN more than likely so he gets support when he gets out, usually what happens is he will only be let back home when he is no longer considered high risk and then he’ll be under the care of the crisis team which offers support whenever he needs it and often daily contact and support then he’ll no doubt be under his CPN as well. He will now be in the best place and hopefully get the help he needs, medication, therapy hopefully. I know it’s heartbreaking what you’ve been through but he was lucky to have you there and the fact that he didn’t actually jump says something in itself. You also have to think that you obviously made some connection with this guy and to still be thinking and feeling so much about him then more than likely it’s not just one way, hopefully he will feel something too.

    You may never find out what happened to him but please take comfort that you did all you could and more than so many other people are willing to do and that hopefully he will get the right help he needs to turn things around.

    Hope this helps slightly and please make sure you get lots of support for yourself too as it’s a very traumatic thing to go through and sometimes we don’t realise how much things affect us. I’m glad you’ve been able to write it all down and hopefully someone out there will be able to track him down directly.

    Take care of yourself x

  131. Thank you for helping this guy and showing him that you care, it could be any one of our loved ones out there in despair, not knowing how to take the next step. Thank God there are people like you prepared to take a risk and reach out to a stranger in distress. I hope the young man gets help, but as a counsellor and pcyhotherapist I strongly advise you to talk this through with someone, whether professional or friend. What you have experienced could affect you if you do not deal with it. Bless You. R

  132. Thank you for acting to save Jordan’s life. Too many people would have stopped and watched or just driven on. What you did was incredibly heroic, humane, and so filled with love that knowing about it has changed my cynicism in an instant.

    I once saw many people drive and literally step over a man who had tumbled out of his wheelchair while trying to tackle a curb-here in the beautiful, green, liberal land of Portland (right next to a freaking Yoga studio). I abandoned my car in the street and was serenaded with honking horns and obscenities as I and one cyclist helped our fallen friend. It broke my heart.

    We can not turn away. You did not. My heart soars to know that.

  133. That must have been an enormous shock and absolutely terrifying for you. Good on you for having enough humanity and strength of character to involve yourself in a stranger’s turmoil. I hope Jordan is ok and getting the help he needs and I hope you hear good news about him. Bet you hugged your kids a little closer that night. I know I did this morning when I read your post. Hope you have a very Happy Xmas X

  134. Well done you – what an experience and how well you rose to the challenge that played out before you. I hope you get to hear how Jordan is doing.

    As someone who suffers with depression and blogs about it – at a time of need I would be very grateful if you were the passer by, who di not pass by.

    Why others fear and stare, you helped. After such an experience take good care of yourself. xxx


  135. Thak you so much for helping him.

    On New Year’s Day of this year I was driving down the M5 and saw the traffic stopping on the northbound carriageway. Someone had just jumped from a bridge – I did not see him jump but it had only just happened.

    The driver of a Sainsbury’s lorry pulled sideways across the northbound carriageway to prevent cars going past.

    There were two cars parked on the hard shoulder and the occupants were out of the cars – one obviously being supported by the others.

    The body of the person who had jumped was lying in the road, face down and alone. I was extremely distressed and shaken to see him or her alone, even in death. He or she had obviously felt so very alone when alive and was still alone…

    Just typing this I am crying. It’s awful to know that people are in so much emotional pain.

    So thank you, again, for helping Jordan. At least he wasn’t alone.

  136. This has restored my faith in human nature. I’d like to think that anyone would have done what you did, but we both know that’s not true. You’re a hero. Thank you.

  137. That was an intense report. Thank you very much for summing up your experience. It seems to me you handled the situation perfectly.

    Wishing Jordan (and of course you) the best. I hope things will work out for him.

  138. Hi

    I was a motorist and drove right under this guy Jordan yesterday. I called the police immediately but thought about him all night. I am so chuffed to read your blog and know that there are great people out there who put their own lives at risk to help another human being. You were amazing!
    God bless you!!

  139. My friend read this on facebook and said you’re an Angel. She is completely right. Too many of us are like the guy on the bike and not enough are like you, I’m not sure I am… Maybe I will be more like you having read this. Thank you.

  140. Oh Mike.. I’m so proud of you.. Masses of tears as I read what you’ve written.
    Huge love and hugs to you. You acted on instinct and did a wonderful job of saving a life.. And your story will enrich many more.
    Bless you, Bless Jordan. xxx

  141. Such a good thing you’ve done. Wishing you a world of happiness and sending prayers to Jordan that he gets the help he needs.

  142. Oh wow. Poor Jordan. Poor you. Thank goodness you were there and acted as you did. I hope Jordan gets the help he needs and I hope you are ok. You saved a life. Not many people get to do that.

  143. Well done man, it’s not everyone would have the balls or care enough to go over and help someone like that.
    Well done.

  144. You’re an inspiration, Mike. I’d like to think I’d be able to do the same thing. With no training or anything, nothing but the raw, innate drive to minimise the suffering of others, you saved his life. Now hopefully he can get the help he so desperately needs.

    I shed a tear reading this. I hope everything worked out OK for him.

  145. You, my friend, are an amazing hero. What you did took an amazing amount of courage and I for one am proud.
    Hope Jordon got the help he needs and gets in touch to let you know.

  146. This post is amazing! Jordan is so lucky you were there, I hope he turns out alright. I had a mate who killed himself a year years back and every day I wish anyone could have been there when he jumped to talk him out of it.xx

  147. Your a wonderful man, and even if you never find out what happend to jordon please feel secure in the knowledge that you saved his life and he will never forget it.

    It takes a great man to do what you did.

    You are a HERO and your children will be so very proud of you.

  148. wow amazing,i once pulled a an old aged couple out of a RTA on the way to wales a long time ago. its a weird thing that takes over the body just blanks everything out around you apart from the one thing thats happening really weird, but hey enuff about me HATS OFF to you mike well done m8 x

  149. Thank God you were there. Thank God you got to him in time. Thank God you were able to get through to him. What you did took a lot of courage and strength and I thank you and applaud you xx

  150. Oh my, how incredibly brave and strong. I hope Jordan gets the help he needs and I hope he is able to remember that in the utter blackness that surrounded him that one wonderful person, one stranger, loved him regardless of everything else in that one moment.

  151. I am sorry you had no kind of debrief, might be worth talking to the police directly – but thanks for sharing this, your account of helping is an inspiration.

  152. Hey there.

    Everyone keeps liking the post but I noticed that no one had commented. There’s something in that moment tha you only get if you’re the one hanging on to the person who wants to go. Two ish years ago I found my friend on the roof of a multi-storey car park in Bedford where we live. The best way I can describe it is like that you’re in an episode of ER or Casualty or something like that and you expect someone to shout cut but then it never happens. You bounce along on the adrenaline and then it hits you want happened, what could have happened and how without you who knows what could have been.

    Thank you for stopping. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to help – so many people might not have noticed Jordan, so many people would have carried on thinking it was someone else’s problem. so thank you thank you thank you.


  153. Gary, you are a truly lovely lovely lovely man. I cried my bleedin eyes out when i read this, and i just hope that Jordan is ok and all the Jordans out there find someone like you when they need them. x

    1. Mike, YOU are a truly lovely lovely lovely man. Tears in the way at the time and I don’t know you so got your name all muckin fuddled, but I still love you. Hope you have found good news about Jordan and I hope you are ok too. x

  154. Well done for following your instincts, Mike. All too often in situations like that, people freeze, uncertain if their instinctive urge to do something is right, and they end up doing nothing at all out of fear that they don’t know the right thing to do.

    The only wrong thing to do though is to do nothing.

    You did it right; Jordan’s got another chance. Well done for giving it to him. I’ll be retweeting the link to your post in the hopes it will reach someone who can tell you what happened to Jordan. I’ve been in a similar situation a couple of times myself from when I worked on the railways, and I always wondered what happened to them later. Sometimes I could follow it up, other times I had nothing to go on. But I hope you get to find out the next part of the story – and wherever Jordan is, I hope he’s doing OK.

  155. Good on you mate. Found your blog by googling from an Independent article. You’re an absolute star for what you did – you saved a young man and his loved ones. Let us know if you find out about Jordan. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Xx

  156. Mike: Jo Manning (my daughter) sent your blog. I feel I want to say something but I’m not sure what….. Would it sound bloody patronising if I said thankyou, thank you for caring and being a decent human being…. I hope it doesn’t. If you get any news please tell Jo so she can forward it.

  157. You’re awesome!! I hope you find out how this lad is. I’d suggest you put something on twitter asking for info, and I bet the copper or police force read it – they’re all on twitter these days!!

    Well done for being so brave xxx

  158. Jesus, friend! How brave and strong you were.

    It must have been terrifying. I guarantee that you have saved many people great pain tonight. Don’t forget to be kind to yourself, too, for a while. You certainly deserve it.

    — GeePawHill

  159. Gosh Mike I’m in tears reading this, what an amazing thing you did. How awful for the cop to just take him away and not leave any details with you or give you and Jordan time to talk a bit more. You are amazing will you ever understand how he didn’t slip with the terrible weather. Good on you. Ros x

  160. Mike, you are a hero! I hate to imagine how many would have driven past. And I hate to imagine, having read your blog post, how would still drive past having had an insight into how the whole experience made you feel. If I ever find myself in your situation I hope that I act as you did. Great going Mike!

  161. Hi Mike, i,m really touched by your story. First, a big THANKYOU on behalf of our shameful ignorant community, what a brave thing to do, and not as much as ‘pat on the back’ for all your concern and kindness. In my experience, the care and concern you shown, is just what a human needs, at that time. I would like to say i can’t believe no one bothered to give you a help in hand, but sadly, i can believe it. To the people who decided it’s not their concern and stood back to ‘watch the show’ FUCKING SHAME ON YOU.
    Well done Mike, it’s people as humanitarian as yourself that gives the rest of us hope. Thank you once again x

  162. You did a beautiful thing. Even if it only prevents that one attempt, Jordan got one more chance. Thats all that matters.

  163. Mike,,

    Leave it with me pal I’m a cop and will try and find out for you.

    Not in work till Friday night but will have look then… I’m trained to deal with these incidents and they are stressful..


  164. God bless you mate,a true act of humanity,hope you’re ok and hope you find out how Jordan is doing.

    p.s My wife works at st Cuthberts(Nicky tunney)

  165. Thank you for doing what you did – I’ve got severe depression. I spent months considering suicide myself, and I hope to God that had I got as far as Jordon did in my plans, there would have been a man like you to help me save myself. Whether you hear about Jordon or not, I hope that you know you did a wonderful thing.

  166. I hope you don’t mind my commenting. I wasn’t there, but I know what you are going through. I helped someone last year who was going to drown themselves. Though, in my case, it was one of their two friends who desperately begged me for help. They had been desperately trying to talk their friend off the marina wall all day – whilst other passers by just turned their heads away and tutted.

    I don’t know what happened to the girls I helped. I left them in the kind hands of the emergency services who came. I just hope they are all ok now.

    I hope Jordan will be ok. I hope you will be too. Talk it out if you have to. I have to keep telling myself I did what I could do, and so did you. Well done.

  167. There needs to be more people who like you care and really make a difference – I hope Jordan is okay and you are too.

  168. Your actions give me hope, there are still people out there who care. It is difficult to step up to the mark and help out especially when you are unsure how much assistance you can really give, so many just turn a blind eye it takes real courage to put yourself in such a situation..

  169. Have you had any word from Jordan or anyone who knew him? You are very brave doing that for someone you had never met before. There should be more people like you in the world.

  170. I have just read this and found it very moving.. Thank goodness for people like you who are alert and then prepared to stop and help and in this case maybe save a life. When we witness terrifying life and death events like this it pulls you up short and remember the good things in life.. Last year I had two experiences one which led to a person surviving and one a gorgeous little boy not.. He was my son. Your story has made me feel a little better. X

  171. I’ve just read this from a cafe in Granada, Nicaragua. One minute I was reminiscing about Manchester/Stockport landmarks the next thing I was gobsmacked. Thank goodness you were there. Jordan’s guardian angel. I hope he’s being looked after and I hope you find out what happened to him.

  172. talk this through with someone mate you did the right thing but it will haunt you even if you phone the smaritans who are trained to talk you through your feelings because what you did was brave and scary.
    please talk to someone you need to trust me i have been there you will need the help

  173. Godisamanc, I love you, I really fucking love you. That was someone’s brother, son, grandson, who needed someone to give a shit, and you did it. God bless you, and thank you. On behalf of everyone and anyone with mental health problems, that so many people don’t give a shit about.

  174. I think I just have to say thank you for what you did. For acting like a human, for doing the only thing that you could do, and something that so many other people wouldn’t have been able. I hope you find out what happens to him, and I hope you come to realise what an amazing thing you did, saving someone’s life.

  175. I just want to say thanks you for sharing that.I hope that you hear from someone soon that he is fine and please keep sharing the love that you have in your heart.

  176. I guess you had to be there. Luckily for Jordan you were! I’d like to think I could have done that!!!!
    Happy Christmas – for Jordan, for those people on the M60, for the rest of the onlookers – and especially for you and your family.

    1. I have schizophrenia. I want to be able to choose to live, but it is fucking hard.
      I’m glad I’m in hospital on section now.

    2. I’m not schizophrenic, and don’t have any mental illness that I know of… but I can tell you, when a person is depressed, demoralized, or hopeless enough, suicide can seem like the only way to end the pain. That was me, over 30 years ago, in my late teens.

      Had that “personal decision” been carried out, I would have missed out on so much, not to mention the pain and suffering I would’ve caused many others (which, at the time, I didn’t believe would happen – shows how screwed up my thinking was.) Has life been grand ever since? No way. But there has been much that has been worth living through the difficulties for.

      I was alone at the moment of my attempt, which thankfully was unsuccessful, because no one knew my inner thoughts. Personal decision? Perhaps, but not one that is made with a clear mind, regardless of mental health issues or not. To me, that is not free will. Can you make a sound decision given faulty information? Thank God for people like Mike who give those in need a fighting chance whether or not they ask for it.

  177. And no one’s commented!?!?

    Good on you guy! Had it happened here in the states, chances are 50/50 he would have drawn a crowd chanting, “Do it, do it, do it!” If it wasn’t raining, that is…

    Well done!

  178. You, my friend, are the reason that people still have have faith and belief in this world. There are only a handful of people who would have done what you would have done. You are an inspiration and light in this time that i hope will spread and never go out. your bravery and lack of concern for your own safety are worthy of a massive applause, I for one, salute you…

  179. An amazing story – I hope someone comes forward and lets you know what happened….. I’m amazed that more people didn’t come forward and help you though….

  180. Mike, had just fixed your mums computer yesterday when we saw your blog. I read it aloud to Pat, Maureen and Vincent. I could not stop crying, same with the others. You are an earth angel, We all felt your anguish as you stood on that bridge, the rain and sleet whipping around you and another mans life litterly in you hands. I am so proud to know such a genuine care and selfless man. I hope you hear word of Jordan soon. We are all blessed tor your life. Love, light and angels, June

  181. Hey, brilliant mate, you did the right thing, the only thing to do. I pulled a drunk angry cursing girl away from a bridge once, so I have an idea how you might feel. And it sounds like you said EXACTLY the right words. One of the very few people who survived jumping off the Golden Gate said that as soon as he let go of the railing he [quote] ‘suddenly realized that everything in my life that seemed totally unfixable was totally fixable, except for having just jumped.’

    Have a good Christmas.

  182. Well I just bawled my eyes out. That wasn’t just one life you helped save, he was someones son, maybe a father, husband and brother. If he had jumped there would have certainly been even more lives lost or changed forever on the motorway below. Nice one.

  183. Mike I don’t know you but I saw this on Twitter.
    You did an amazing thing. My brother took his own life and you have saved a family from ever having to know what that feels like.
    I wish you and your family a very happy christmas.

  184. So many people would just drive passed with the attitude of “it’s not my problem”. You’ve proved there are still a few people out there who care. This post really touched me.

  185. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I quite enjoyed reading it, you happen to be a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and will come back from now on. I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great job, have a nice evening!

  186. Well done for reaching out, for doing something, for giving a shit. Not everyone would have, but you did. You’ll probably never know the long-reaching consequences of what you did, but I hope you can feel good for doing something simple but also extraordinary.

  187. Hi there, just wondering if you’d be interested in writing something for a book I’m editing on suicide? Could you email me if you are and I’ll send you details? Many thanks

  188. Hello Mike. I just wanted to thank you for your brave act on the bridge. Along with other local residents here in North London, I am running the Hornsey Lane Bridge Anti-Suicide Campaign, trying to get better anti-suicide measures on a bridge which is known locally as ‘Suicide Bridge’. At the end of 2010, three men jumped to their deaths in the space of three weeks. This year, two men have jumped. I have spoken to people who have witnessed these deaths and to those who have tried to intervene (sometimes unsuccessfully) and so I fully appreciate what a risk you took that day.

    I wondered whether you might consider blogging about our campaign, the aim of which would be to get more signatures on our petition? This would help force a debate on the issue at a council meeting. Clearly you have a very big following, and deservedly so, and I wondered whether you might be able to highlight an issue which must now be very close to your heart.

    Many thanks,

    Sarah Cope

  189. I’m a bit late in finding this, it was bounced about twitter circles and I stumbled across it just now.
    I wanted to tell you, much like a lot people, that this event sent a shiver down my spine, and tears filled me eyes.
    We are bombarded with ‘bad news’ every day & although this story could have ended as Jordan intended it too, you changed that. You changed it for the better, and saved more than 1 life by your reactions.
    I wish you a happy and healthy 2012, and I wish Jordan peace

  190. Mike, Like you we was passing that bridge yesterday around 3 ish and the same thing happened. I don’t know whether it was the same guy but he was young and was wearing a long black coat which sounds identical to your description. However, unlike you we were too frightened to approach the guy and thankfully another lady talked to him whilst we ‘phoned the Police. Thankfully they were there in a matter of minutes by which time the lady had managed to talk him back over the bars. This particular bridge needs to be made safe so that no one can climb over it. It was a really distressing experience and I think you were fantastic having the courage to talk the guy back.

  191. You are amazing. It is exactly what Jordan needed to be persuaded at the time – that everything could be fixed. I found myself in Jordan’s position just over 2 years ago. Unfortunately I was only on the motorway bridge a matter of seconds before I threw myself off so there was no time for passers by to do anything. I was in hospital with serious injuries for 5 months. I was incredibly lucky that I was not hit by passing cars. That is thanks to people like you. People who risked their own lives to save me. I really want to contact those who saved me. They will never know how thankful I am to them, how do u find the words to thank someone like you? All the time I was in hospital I was annoyed that I had been saved, now my psychosis is over, I feel like the luckiest/happiest girl in the world. My Dad says he is the happiest man in the world and I know he truly means this. When i get down, I only have to think about how lucky I am for 1 minute and everything is fine. One day in the near future, I will share my experience with others so I can help and prevent other people doing the same. I have a second life and I am living it to the maximum.

    1. Hi Sara

      I felt compelled to say hello. I also jumped from a bridge and survived. I am
      So glad you survived and that you are glad you survived. Much love

      1. louisa – you are ace – you are beautiful – keep going cos your beauty and strength keep me sara and many others going

    2. sara – like louisa you are ace – you are beautiful – keep going cos your beauty and strength keep me louisa and many others going

  192. Thank you so much mike but you truly are amazing for what you did. It is truly amazing what strangers do for another. Louisa, I have never met anyone before who jumped and survived, I have only read of those who died. May you enjoy your second chance at life as much as i am. We are extremely lucky and I am sure you will never forget it, just like me. Pleasure to hear from you. ❤

    1. i have also never met anyone else who survived. There is a bridge near me in London that is sadly the site of many many completed suicides. When and if it feels right for you, speak out. I have tried to use my experience to help prevent suicides from this site – anonymously for the most part. I think we have unique experiences that can reach people. If you ever need or want to email, please do: hermey@me.com

      1. I know. I have read about many people who have been talked off a bridge by police etc and read about those that didnt survive but you never hear the stories of those that do. I think it is brilliant that you are using your experiences to help others. 🙂 When I finish university I wish to go to schools and unis and talk to people about my experience. At the moment it is a bit raw as I have only fully recovered just over a year ago, more raw for my parents I think. They would rather forget for now and dislike when I talk about it as it was so terrible for them. I will send you an email this week with a few questions if u dont mind. Thank you for replying to me. Did you ever get in contact with those who helped you? This is something I feel guilty about but I know I was too ill to thank them at the time and you know what police are like, they wouldnt have told them anything about me, my hospital etc.

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