we should all be proud tonight

United phoned me up a few weeks ago and asked me to do some work for them – some of it is very secretive and very exciting but i can’t talk about that (legally)

But what i can talk about is what i have been doing for MUTV – They asked me to write a poem for the most important derby in the History of british football – how could i refuse. They also did an interview with me about being a red and my favourite derby etc  i can’t print the poem on here till after the show has gone out – needless to say – it will be on here by 6.35 pm tonight – 

The poem is historic and refers to ancient battle to gain control of the city from brigante, roman, saxon,norman, celt and their struggles to seize power and the herculean efforts involved.  The poem focuses on and refers to the bloodiest battle of them all between the danes and viking.

MUTV is a pay per view channel – but not for tonight – it is going on FREEVIEW channel 406 (i think) so approximately 10 million people will view it – they have been playing the interview over the weekend according to mates in Thailand and the far east because they were freaked to be sat in a bar in Phuket last night and my Ugly Mug appears on the box.

I’m so excited for tonight – manchester – again – kings of the world – we are in a win win situation – don’t get me wrong, i want united to win but if we don’t we live to fight again.


“The essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well”  Baron De Coubertin


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