Live Forever – a poem for Luna Bliss

Live Forever

Unfurl Carpets throw open gates

Luna Bliss is on her way

She’s six foot tall with long dark hair

And Ian Curtis is standing there

He’ll take her softly by the hand

And lead her through the Promised Land

And look after her for Mum and Dad

All the family especially the lads

Granddad Boone will soon take over

With Jimmy Hendrix on her shoulder

And Grannie Fliss and Mother Theresa

Will throw their loving arms around her

And Luna will sit on a golden throne

Prepared by Elvis and Nina Simone

Her bodyguard is Bruce Lee

And all her clothes are by McQueen

And tonight they’ll dance in a new Hacienda

With their arms in the air

They’re all together

And she’ll be



Sound and safe

I know Manc’s just like heaven

But she’s in a better place

Remember that you all share the same blood

Your all members of a family who emanates a love

So that every time you say “Luna Bliss”

You’ll receive a silent heaven sent kiss

So wipe your tears

Stand strong and together

Cos Luna Bliss is gonna live forever

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