Rugby – bit too rough and tumble for me

just been to the rugby – salford city reds

it was great and i don’t even like rugby

catalan dragons were 20 nil up after 10 minutes but slowly but surely salford fought their way back and won 34 – 30 

met some lovely people and a group of young people i’ve been doing some work with read some poems in the posh hospitality lounge at half time – they were ace, the stars

but the best thing about tonight was the crowd – talk about passion –  i go to old trafford and chant and sing on my own and people around me look at ME like i’m weird.

Top to see the fans jumping out of the seats and waving arms and getting behind the posts to cheer the team on – mams dads kids

and something i’ve never heard before – a large crowd of people chanting the words “SALFORD” –


bit too rough and tumble for me though – i’m a poet you know


One thought on “Rugby – bit too rough and tumble for me

  1. caught you last night at Harrogate with Mr Cooper Clarke, funny thing was when you came on stage i thought “fuck me roger waters has lowered himsef a bit” then you went into a tirade of social commentary on the state your home town and you had me hooked. also the line “he put the phone down and wished he was 11 again” tore right int o the heart of being a Dad. got your books in the foyer. the show last night has given me in the impetus to get my stuff published and maybe do a couple of poetry clubs if i can get the bottle up. thanks again.

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