Star Crossed

I went to see star crossed last night – a modern take on Romeo and Juliet by the Oldham Coliseum. It was staged for want of a better word, in Alexandra Park in Oldham and it is the best piece of Drama i have seen this year.

Take a young local hoodie gang and a gang of young asian lads fighting for power of the park. Take one Morrissey fan hoodie lad and one beautiful asian girl and the chemistry of love kicks in.

Action takes place on various beautiful locations throughout the park guided by an amazing brass band and largely youthful cast.

It’s got everything – Dance, song, a good fight, a bit of drugs and love against the odds.

I loved every bit of this play and so will kids – so go and see it and bring a gang.

You’ll love it



3 thoughts on “Star Crossed

  1. cheers mike – i fancied that when i saw it advertised…
    might try and get the family there on sunday afternoon… suitable for a ten year old girl?

      • cheers for the recco mike… went yesterday afternoon… a fantastic way to spend a sunny sunday afternoon… if it hadn’t finished last night i would be reccomending it to all and sundry…

        and my ten year old daughter loved it…

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