We are the threads that weave


We are the threads that weave

We are the busy bees

We are the fabric and the seams

The reason why we achieve


We are the warp and weft

We earn our daily bread

And we work and we work

Cos hard work brings success


We’re born out of industry

Cotton sewn through history

We’re revolutionary

We work while others sleep


We’re in the bricks and mortar

We’re the mothers fathers sons and daughters

The very DNA

Of what make this city great


We are the wool the wind the twine

We’re crafted tailored and designed

We’re the sign of the cross

We are temples, synagogues and mosques


We interlock and bisect

We criss cross and interject

We are the textile of time

The fundamentals of life


We are the battlers and fighters

We invented all nighters

We’re in the pulse the heartbeat the sound

We are the earth the sky the clouds


We are the contour lines

We are the Isobars

We’re ugly beautiful we carry battle scars


Success is our main goal

Our defence is our attack

And if you give us your soul

We’ll give you our heart and soul back


9 thoughts on “We are the threads that weave

  1. Hi

    Could I put this on my blog please , with credit and a link here of course… ? can we correspond by email please?

    thanks, mark

      1. No one’s above you,going to use threads at a leaving do at work in Aberdeen .Keep writing.you are making a difference

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