Ok then

Can you show me a more sensible way to spew out these emotions

cos i’m just a shaking poet on a page

Scrambling by and scraping by – look at the shit under my finger nails

Take a blunt object, stick it in my ear and take a poke at my brain and pretty soon you’ll find out that i’m daft as dandruff and screwed up like that famous letter that you never posted and wading through a sess pool of skulduggerous excuses for humans who are either trying to blag me or shag me

but i’m too busy – i’m too busy investigating the uninvestigated whilst being frustrated by the frustrating and peeling back the skin of my inner self and staring black eyed into my deep deep brain 

But look at me for it – I’m Fucked

Constantly walking a tight rope of sensibility whilst being on my best behaviour – do me a favour, spend fifteen minutes inside my head with me and it will feel like you’ve lived here  for a week – all the constant rationalising of what’s good and bad.  What’s black or white, what’s right and what’s wrong and that constant search for something witty, profound or succint to come up with whilst tweeting



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