just thought i’d reblog this because i love platt fields park and the poem

Godisamanc's Blog

The Gift

Dedicated to William Royle of Rusholme

Who at the opening ceremony on May 7th 1910, said that Platt Fields was

“Saved for the children”

To Children of all nations

A Gift

This Park

For you to walk and run and swing and slide

Dance and sing and climb and ride

And talk and shout

whistle and whisper

With Brother Father

Friend and Sister

Hold hands with Mam and Gran

Push prams of your own one day

Teach your children how to play

And walk and run

skip skate and feast



hide and seek

And bat and bowl and kick and score

Read and write and paint and draw

Laugh and smile and kiss and sigh

And float and glide and fish and fly

And dream the dreams you never dreamt you could

In this “The Peoples Park” with a heart-shaped lake

This precious gift of…

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