I’ve been on tour with John Cooper Clarke for 18 months on and off and as a result, i’ve not done a lot of gigs in Manchester and people keep asking me “when you performing in manchester next?” – Well, those lovely people who organise “Bop Local” and “Laugh Local” at Chorlton Irish Club are now doing “Vox Local – 4 poets and a pasty”

Vox is latin for Voice and i love the human voice, it’s a musical instrument when used properly and if you say smart, funny or thoughtful things with it, the voice is even better.  Think about all those inspirational speaker who have moved you to tears or laughter, Martin Luther King, Bill Hicks, Les Dawson.  The human voice is a wonderful thing and should be celebrated whenever possible. 

Vox Local features four ace poets Ian McMillan from BBC radio 3’s the Verb, Mark Mace Smith, who is regularly on BBC Radio Manchester putting the fear of god through Andy Crane (Which is never a bad thing), the hilariously poetic Marvin Cheeseman and Me.  It will be an ace night and there are pasties – what else could you ask for, Beer, humour, darkness and pasties.

This is going to sell out quick due to the quality and stella cast involved – To buy tickets get onto boplocal.com – you can pay on the door but don’t take the chance because like i said, i think this is going to sell out.  Also it’s the night after valentines night so heres my tip.  Sack trying to get your Mrs/Fella that  box of chocolates, bunch of flowers, table at the restaurant that happens to have doubled in price because it’s February 14th and get down Chorlton Irish Club the night after and i’ll read you all a love poem.

Job Done



One thought on “VOX LOCAL

  1. Mike,
    Sorry I didn’t catch you on TV yesterday. You are brill. I hope lots of people come and read this after seeing you or hearing about you on the telly. I agree with everything you are saying. It wasn’t until I came up north to Geordieland that I became more proud of my accent and words I grew up with in Salford. I love their accent and sayings too – don’t have a clue what some of them are sometimes, but it all makes life more interesting.

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