Top 10 Interesting things to think about after watching the brits

10 – never thought david beckham would put on that much weight so quickly – is he hanging out in hattersley with wicky hatton – thought he was a blue?  (I was asked to do a reading of my poems before a wicky hatton book signing at Borders in Stockport once.  wicky was lovely and had the hands of a small child.

9.  How well behaved everyone was

8. why are girls allowed to drool and say rude things about men (thrustim inthelake) but when men do it they are being “ladsy and pervy”.  Not that i’d do it cos i think aestheticism is shit and i much prefer ugliness to beauty to be honest.  

7. Is harold stiles nobby stiles’ son – he danced like him, had teeth & hair like him.

6. Isn’t mime funny – moving your lips but not actually saying anything.

5. cold play – cold & play – you’ve got a cold but you want to play – coldplay

4. why do we as a species, love to watch things we hate and are disgusted by?  I did feel physical pain and anger during the hour i watch that programme and i only turned over for a programme about Harpurhey.

3. Wasn’t  that was an amazing idea to put coloured spots on the brits.  How long did it take Damien Hirst and his team of minimum wage assistants to come up with that. (Do i blame him?  No)

2. Are we all being suckered by all this

1.  Mastercard paid for it all.  MASTERCARD – A consortium of american banks who lend money to people who can’t really afford it.

Hold on a minute, isn’t that why the world is currently in depression?  Aren’t they the banks that normal everyday people paid for, out of their own pockets to save.  

So really, we paid for that gig last night. We paid for those Magnums of champagne on silk table clothed tables.  We paid for Harrys hair cut, Beckhams suit, Justins Dickie Bow.  

So once again, the poor gave the rich their hard earned wages so that the rich could get richer and the rich had a big party to celebrate.





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