Less we forget – coppers waving wads at striking miners


2 thoughts on “Maggie Quits – A poem For Thatcher

  1. Nice poem, and a good theme. Just one point though, not all coppers waved wads of cash at striking miners. I worked underground in South Wales and I remember the coppers donating large sums of cash to miners welfare funds which were essential in keeping some of those communities going. Some London coppers were bastards though and used to harass lads who had gone to London to raise funds as well has cause havoc in some of the pit villages in which they were stationed during the strike.

    Thatchers hatred of those communities that formed the bedrock of the Trades Union and Labour movement and her ideology of selfishness should not be underestimated and the damage done to some of the communities in those industrial communities still hasn’t been undone. That damage, and the Poll Tax should be her legacy.

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