Green Milk Hostel – essaouira

When i was in Morocco over christmas, i met a guy called Othman who had moved into an apartment upstairs from me.  I immediately took to him as he was warm, kind and beamed an amazing smile.  we immediately hit it off and had dinner a few nights later where he told me that he intended to open a hostel in essaouira and was looking for a place to rent to do this.

a day later he’d found somewhere and i went to visit it with him.  It was very big but quite run down and would need a great deal of work to get it up and running as a hostel.  He told me he intended to ask people to come and work on the refurbishment voluntarily for free bed and food and that he intended to use recycled materials to rebuild this derelict Riad.

Secretly i thought he was mad.  I thought that the task he was taking on was enormous and the time and effort involved would be wasted – i was so wrong

I have kept in touch with othman and watched the rebuilding of the riad and i am amazed at the transformation.  I am also amazed by the spirit of othman and all the people who have worked so hard on the renovation – i look at his photos on facebook and see the warmth and commitment of everyone involved.  It is obviously a very special place.

I would like to congratulate him and everyone involved and hope to visit at christmas enshallah

check it out


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