And the world carried on

sat in silence by her bedside 

I could see a silver Vauxhall Zafira passing by, outside, on the busy road 

I could see a number 50 bus, packed to the rafters, windows steamed up

I could see a minibus full of kids on a school trip

a ford fiesta, silver, parking up on the pavement

a man in a black Mac walking past with his dog

a teenage boy on his bike, 

3 primary aged children, running and chasing each other, their mum walking slowly behind carrying their green book bags

a man delivering leaflets house to house

a red Volkswagen Golf

six or seven cyclists, in a line, on racing bikes wearing bright colours and helmets

the post man

a delivery van

an ambulance

an Ice cream van singing “If you go down to the woods today”

A couple holding hands and walking slowly, not talking to eachother

Another number 50 bus

An articulated lorry with “McVitties” written down the side

Two young girls, laughing aloud and looking at one of their phones

a grey Toyota Yaris

a motorbike

a schoolboy

a girl in a hijab

a dad, holding the hand of his young son

a Nissan Micra.

I could not understand why.




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