Sheep Sheep – sing me to sleep

I’ve spent another weekend with the sheep in the heat of North Wales.  They kept getting very thirsty so i kept filling up a drinking vessel for them to slurp.
Some of them seemed frightened by the water.

Some of them are lonely and lay under hedges
escaping the sun
hunting out shade unperturbed by nasty brambles, nettles and thistles.  They seem to laugh at the pricks.

A common way for sheep to die is for flies to fly inside their backsides, lay eggs that hatch as maggot and the maggots eat the sheep inside out.  It’s not a nice way to die, apparently.

Male sheep, rams can have sex hundreds of times in one day jumping off one yew onto another within seconds.

The sheep kept staring at me and asking me questions like
“Do you want to eat me?

“No” I said, “I’m vegetarian”

“What is your name?” and i reply, “Michael”

They are becoming very human.

I have delivered many of these sheep.
Sometimes, the mother struggles in labour and needs a hand so what you have to do is put your hand inside her, find the feet and pull them softly out.
Sometimes there are twins and sometimes triplets & this is when they have problems.
We take them inside the barn to have their lambs as foxes and crows exploit their vulnerability.
I understand Animal Farm by George Orwell a lot more now and their favourite guitarist is still Johnny “Marr”
Johnny “Marr”
Johnny “marr”
They told me that as well
Farmers now use Quad bikes to round up their sheep as they are cheaper than dogs and require less feeding and training but they do not have a personality and they are not as much fun to stroke and wont be your best friend for life – Ask Rick Mayall and he’ll confirm that.

Now let me sleep and dream of sheep

it's better than sitting on a dog

it’s better than sitting on a dog


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