it comes and goes

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Sad today

Don’t feel right today

feel all shite today

all uptight today

clouds won’t fade away

Eyes all sore today

can’t take much more today

wish someone today

would take this pain away take this pain away

Down in the dumps today

sun won’t shine today

skies a kinda grey

kids all cry today

people die today

probably cry today

try to hide away try to hide away

Hearts a stone today

all alone today

see no gold today

feel all old today

food tastes cold today

the skies a cloak today

think i’ll smoke today

crack no jokes today

can’t make this go away – make this go away

Rain inside today

just can’t smile today

remember lies today

won’t be kind today

can’t see why today

war inside today

want to die today

feel all fake today

think i’ll pray today

think i’ll pray today

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