Have a “dead quick” guess how many people in the north west had a stroke last year? Also, How many people are living as stroke survivors? -I’ll give you the answer at the end of this section –

My father suffered from a stroke as a young man. He had six young kids all under 15. It has fundamentally affected the way i see the world.

In May and June this year I worked with stroke survivors in Gorton, encouraging them to write poems. I loved every moment I spent with these people and it was great to see how stroke services have changed since the 1970’s.

How did you get on with your “dead quick” guess
Number of strokes in the North West last 14,600
People living with stroke – 157,370

Above is a link to a film that was made about my experience working with stroke survivors and it is dedicated to Michael Burgam who i was honoured to meet during the workshops


3 thoughts on “Stroke Survivors Poetry

  1. You are so right about ‘staring into the abyss’ – when we ‘battle with monsters’ !
    When I thought I was going to die of cancer I spewed out about twenty poems & because I thought I was a goner I didn’t care what people were going to think of them and somehow this gave me an inner strength.

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