Mike Garry - Poetry For Librarians - October 4th at Soup Kitchen Manchester

I’ve been on tour with John Cooper Clarke for two and a half years now and I’ve been doing festivals like Latitude in Suffolk, Kendal Calling in Penrith, Festival No6 in Portmeirion and people are always asking me, “When are you going to do a Manchester date?” So i’ve decided to do one.
I’m calling it “Poetry For Librarians” because I’m into paradox, oxymoron and juxtaposition big style.
Stupid people believe that poetry is dull, boring, uninspiring and for old teachers who wear tweed jackets that smell of mothballs. They also believe that librarians are always saying “SHH” and telling you to wash your hands. But those in the know are all too aware that good live poetry is the best form of entertainment money can buy. They also know that Librarians are probably the coolest, most sussed, informed and good looking people you could ever meet.
I was going to do it on National Poetry Day but it was a Thursday and I am of an age where i’d prefer to go to town on a friday so it is on Friday October 4th – 7.30 at Soup Kitchen Manchester.
If your coming, buy your tickets in advance here http://skdl.it/1e1mdGz because there are only 100 left. Be seeing you and don’t forget – Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

ps if you ask me for a guest list, i’ll get my dog, Kes, to lick you across the face and his breath stinks

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