The Kindness of Stranger

So in a previous blog i spoke about why i’m going to move to morocco – have a look here’m-going-to-move-to-morocco/

So now, i’ve sort of moved here.  Well, I did a month last year, I’m doing 2 months this year and Hope to do 3 months next year and escape the whole of the manchester winter by the time i’m 50 – Imagine, only a couple of weeks of that cold, darkness.  It will be enjoyable because it’s only a week or two.

I miss my kids and my family and my mates and my dog, Kes but that’s about it to be honest.  I didn’t miss christmas and i won’t miss New Years eve cos i hate all the commercial crap that’s wrapped up in it all.  I could go anywhere but i specifically chose Morocco for reasons mentioned in the previous blog, food, prices, landscape etc but i didn’t talk about the people.

When I’m at Home talking about morocco all i hear from people who have visited morocco is about the men perving over the women.  I’m sorry but this is a universal – england ireland scotland wales everywhere, men are perving over women.

then i hear about the hard sell in the Souks and Medinas – You ever had a double glazing or insurance salesman round your house?  Also, my phone isn’t ringing all day with someone trying to sell me a mobile phone contract or PPI protection.

All i get from Moroccan people are smiles and welcomes and kindness and warmth, oh and Tea, they love their tea (and sugar).

Two recent incidents.  A friend of mine in Marakech recently caught a taxi to a plush restaurant outside the square – two hours later, departing the restaurant he noticed the taxi driver waiting outside – he’d waited two hours –

“Sir, you gave me a 50 Euro note not a 50 dirham note.  Here is your change”

I go to a bar on the beach for lunch called beach and friends – it’s great, lovely staff, great reasonably priced food and free wifi.  I went on saturday and left my note pad – I raced straight back in a cab (7 (50p) dirhams no matter where you go in essaouira)  it was still there – the next day i noticed i’d left my special sun cream – 3 days later when i returned

“Monsieur, Your sun cream” and the man handed me the cream.

Great place and great people

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