Psalms for the Dead

A dead quick post to let you know that I’m honoured to be supporting the amazing Jake Evans at the Deaf Institute on January 31st 2014.

We will be performing our “Psalms for the Dead” with The beautiful Cassia Quartet under the guidance of Joe Duddel.

If you saw the set we did at Festival No6, you know how beautiful & special this performance will be.

There’s only 100 ticket and amazingly, they are only £7. That’s about a pint & a half in the Northern Quarter or 2 coffees & a green tea in Chorlton or twenty Benson, a pack of king size rizla & a box of matches in didsbury – It is so cheap I’m tempted to phone my ticket touting mates, get them to buy them all and sell em on the night for £50. (Only joking officer)

I’ve had a ten pence bet with our manager,Ali Hudson, that they go in 24 hours.

Oh, and usual rules apply, I love you all but if you ask me for a guest list, I’ll send my Jack Russel dog, Kes, round to your house to squirt his love wee at you & to lick your face

Get your tickets here

We’ve got some amazing and very special gigs coming up in the next few months & we’ll be revealing more on the night.

God Is A Manc x


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