Derby Day – Remember, We are all Immigrants ………well most of us

Godisamanc's Blog

MUTV approached me and asked me to write something for the derby – they didn’t say it directly but they implied that they wanted me to put the boot in on city, you know take the mick.
Who do these guys think i am? I am a poet a man of dignity, integrity and an interpreter of truth and justice. A man who loves this city equally with passion and balance. Also, loads of my friends are blues, my father in law is a blue. I grew up a stones throw from Maine Road. I used to mind cars in Clinton and Aston Avenue, sell the “Pink” in the Sherwood & the Claremont on Claremont road and the City Club while Bernard manning and Cannon and Ball told shite Jokes in velvet dickie bows and later drank in the Parkside rubbing shoulders with the “City Cool cats” and the “Maine…

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