Dr John Cooper Clarke at The Palace Theatre in Manchester

Tonight is a special night – John Cooper Clarke is in town and how appropriate that the King of poetry plays the Palace.  Its the first gig he’s done in Manchester for a long time and it’s been sold out for months due to the love this city has for the man – It’s going to be very special.

I went to the Palace as a kid to watch Pantomimes with my Nana and Grandad and later to see bands like The Smiths and Lou Reed.  It holds a special place in my heart.  John told me last night that he saw Bob Hope there as a kid and people like Julie Garland, Noel Coward and even Laurel and Hardy have made appearances since it opened 123 years ago.  IT is a beautiful old school theatre that even survived a german bomb direct hit in 1940 so no matter what John Cooper Clarke and Friends throw at it tonight, it will continue to be one North Wests premier theatres for another century at least.

John’s brought along a few friends as special guests starting at 7.30 with the incredible Ren Harvieu – A Salford girl with the voice of Northern angel.  Ren will be followed at 7.50 by the wonderful sound of Dave Formula and the Finks an amazing combo fronted by Dave Tomlinson who played Keyboards with Magazine and Visage but Dave and the Finks will not “fade to grey” tonight.

After 8 at The Palace it’s time to celebrate “The Word” and who better to start the poetics than Luke Wright – What Luke hasn’t done in the poetry world isn’t worth doing.  He organises the poetry tent at Latitude and has for 10 years, had numerous sell out shows throughout the UK, toured with Johnny Clarke for years and regularly reads his poems on Radio 4’s Saturday Live.  His latest book “MONDEO MAN” was one of the biggest selling poetry books in the UK last year and his live performances are epic and unmissable – so don’t miss him because tonight, he’s an honorary Mancunian.

The poetry continues with Mike Garry – a young Manchester lad with great potential – He played with New Order at the Carnegie Hall last month, with Philip Glass at the Melkweg in Amsterdam last week and is due to play the Nights and Days festival in the Big Sur in California with Philip Glass and friends in the summer.  Not to be missed

There will be a short interval where you can buy drinks from the bar and Merchandise from the Merchandise stands so don’t forget to bring some spends for books, CD’s and T-Shirts – you wouldn’t want to miss out – Mike and Luke will be on hand to sign and dedicate books for the beautiful manchester public during the interval and at the end of the show.

Then the Main Event – Dr John Cooper Clarke – What can i say about him that hasn’t already been said – He’s got a great golf swing – I bet that’s never been said of him before – and here’s the proof.

Today should officially be John Cooper Clarke day in Manchester because the King has returned to his Palace – so lets get tweeting face booking and MSN messaging (Yeah, I”m down with the kids) all about it and don’t forget to get down early to watch Ren, Dave, Luke and the Youngster Mike Garry – Let’s celebrate “the words”




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