“The lights are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime”

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At 11pm on Monday 4th August 1914 war was declared on Germany ushering in one of the darkest periods of our history.

For my generation, it is difficult to perceive just what that war was like. The joining up, training in barracks, traveling to war, the action, the fighting, losing close friends, life in the trenches, missing loved ones and returning home after the war. We can only imagine what it was like.

Arthur Clutton Brock asserted that “The greatest war of all time should call out the poets” and it did, in their droves and in an age without Twitter or rolling news, poetry was part of everyday life. So Kipling, Newbolt and Austin weren’t simply entertainment or amusement, they were as CK Stead maintained “men who expressed a sound philosophy in verse”

Soldier poets became the equivalent of modern day war journalists, reporting from the front on all…

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