I’m on at Festival No.6

It’s Festival No.6 this weekend – It’s my Favourite festival – I love it and this year I’m on everyday.

On Friday I’m on at the Central Piazza in the village – where i shall be doing some poetry and music with a very special guest who is going to come onstage with me to close the set and to announce a new collaboration. So my tip is, be there from 6 and you’ll catch the incredible Luke Wright who tours the country with me and John Cooper Clarke – I’m on at 6.45 – and a little clue to my special guest……………………………
Make sure you’ve got your dancing shoes on and be ready to catch the setting sun

On Saturday i shall be in the Town hall at 1.45 working with Joe Duddell and the No6 Ensemble doing poetry to the music of Philip Glass for Joe’s Glassworks afternoon – I’ve been working with Philip Glass in Europe and the States. He’s taken some of the compositions that Joe and i have created and reinterpreted them with a group of world class musicians. The new piece, “My American Life” has never been seen or heard before. I’m in California working with Philip Glass and friends at the Days and Nights Festival in the Big Sur at the end of September and hope to be doing “My American Life” as part of the festival. So, see and hear it first at Festival No.6 Town Hall at 1.45 on Saturday.

On Sunday at 2.15, I’m back in the Town Hall with Joe and the Ensemble to do my “Psalms for the Dead”. Sounds like a bit of a downer doesn’t it? It’s the opposite, it’s a celebration of Life accompanied by the beautiful music of Joe Duddell – Voted the must see set of 2014 by all the leading music and arts journalist and they’re always right…….. aren’t they?

So, If you are at Festival No.6 Come along to one or all of my shows and if you see me walking round say hello


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