6 reasons why Festival Number 6 Smashed it and Raised the Festival Bar at least 6 inches

1. Venue – there is no other place in the world that offers such a beautiful setting for a festival and it’s central. Not too far North and too southy south and that view across the estuary on the sunny sunday afternoon will take some beating.And don’t start talking Burning Man or SXSW.
2. Line up and diversity of entertainment – From the headliners to the small acts in tents all of a high quality and many exploring the unexplored. And BECK was Colossal
3. Weather. Interestingly, they brought the festival forward a week. Whoever made that decision deserves a big kiss off Michael Fish or a pint of Tetley from John Ketley
4. Organisation – everything seemed smooth and hassle free and when there was a hint of hassle there was a smiling face with an honest and genuine apology. Even the security called me sir.
5. Spirit This one is hard to explain but it’s about the philosophy and the soul of the festival. It wasn’t about making money at all costs, there was a fairness to it and the best way i can put it is that today that it had a northern attitude with a southern chic.(and i can’t believe I’ve just written that)
6. People I didn’t meet a single blagger, i didn’t fear anyone at any point. I didn’t think tents were going to be robbed, bags were gonna be blagged, pockets were gonna be picked. I feared no-one and i’d go as far as to say that i actually trusted everyone i met. People smiled, stood to one side to allow you to pass, took the time to talk to you after shows. I saw more wheelchairs than i have ever seen at festivals and i saw people getting out of their way when they needed to pass. Of course there were pissed people, it’s a festival and the sun shone all weekend and the beer flowed freely but the pissed people weren’t dickheads they just staggered, fell over, fell asleep then sobered up but they weren’t threatening and like most people they were quite loveable.

Please don’t attack me if I’ve got anything wrong here because this was my experience – yours might have been different – if so write a blog

Nice one Number 6 – See you next year


5 thoughts on “6 reasons why Festival Number 6 Smashed it and Raised the Festival Bar at least 6 inches

  1. Hi now the only thing that could improve this wonderful festival is if it recognised that half of its audience is female and reflected that in the line up of performers and djs. It is very bollock heavy and I know that the curators are enlightened individuals . So please festival no 6 take the lead and make this even better by representing women in your line up .

  2. I loved Festival No 6, it’s my new favourite festival.
    I know what you mean about the security, they were mostly very friendly. We stayed in the accessibility camp, and the guard from the camp entrance came to find us at the main stage wheelchair platform to say good bye on Sunday night, never had that happen before, ever…

  3. I went to the same festival for sure. Thanks for summing it up so well. For Annette we have taken our two boys (now 9 and 7) since the first one. They love it and plenty for them too. Would recommend for kids – just they are done in by 9 due to so full a day, so don’t bank on seeing the late acts!

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