In Vegas – A Poem

I’m in the United States, on a bit of a road trip and doing a few gigs as i go along.

Tonight I’m a guest at “Da Poetry Lounge” in Los Angeles, one of the nations largest and longest running poetry nights – and here’s a link to their home page. They do a live stream of the night so if you’re interested in watching me perform to an american audience – tune in here… The Show starts at 9 Pacific Daylight time which I think is 6 Greenwich Mean time

I’ve arrived in LA three days ago after a few days in Las Vegas. While i was there, i wrote a few things but i’m going to share this with you as i’m going to read it tonight at Da Poetry Lounge – if you are in the LA area come down if not tune into the live streaming

In Vegas

The sun is always shining
By the pool reclining
The hard thing is declining
When visiting Las Vegas

Hotels in the sky
Everybody lies
Poor people in disguise
Walk the strip in Vegas

Everything’s an Ad
The Businessmen are glad
I’d love to have seen my Dad
Hanging in Las Vegas

Hotels in the sky
Buffets run for miles
Sadness in the eyes
Of people In Las Vegas

You can have it all
With one spin and a ball
I’ve seen the mighty fall
Gambling in Las Vegas

All the girls are Britney spears
No one shows any fears
This will all end in tears
But it won’t dampen Las Vegas

Everyone is famous
Nothing is outrageous
Glitz is always dangerous
Only In Las Vegas

Children aren’t invited
They just won’t get excited
Ma & Pa delighted
Only In Las Vegas

Girls come to your room
As children they were groomed
It’s claimed that they can choose
To work this way in Vegas

The boys are big and Hench
From hours on the bench
Their biceps always tense
When walking round Las Vegas

The entertainments on the streets
Kitsch cannot be beat
God in heaven weeps
The tears don’t fall on Vegas

Workers work real hard
Most punters should be barred
Never play the cards
Under the flashing lights of Vegas

No one’s on the fence
Everything intense
A lack of common sense
Prevails when in Vegas

It makes me ask deep questions
There is no reflection
It gives me indigestion
The politics of Vegas

A shit smell in the air
People with bad hair
The word Trump everywhere
Lingering in Vegas

Nothing here is cool
Most of it is cruel
Or am I just too old school
Should I stay away from Vegas?


3 thoughts on “In Vegas – A Poem

  1. Great poem, Mike but I had the rather disturbing experience of imagining JCC’s voice as I was reading it. You might have been spending too much time in Mr Clarke’s company recently haha

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