An Ode to the Tax Disk

I’m in America, Cambria to be precise and my phone rang at 3 o’clock this afternoon. It was BBC RADIO 5 LIVE asking me to write a poem about the demise of the Tax Disc, so i did and here it is -Enjoy – I’m off to sleep, it’s 11.10 and i’m off to Santa Cruz tomorrow along the Pacific Coast Road

An Ode to the Tax Disc

It’s been a pain since 1921
Now from today it has gone
Never again will it be seen
In the bottom corner of you window screen
No more stressed out men and women across the nation
Searching for their Insurance Documentation
Never again will we see
A house turned upside down in search of an MOT
And how many times have you had to look
For that for the useless ubiquitous car log book
It’s gone forever and it won’t be missed
Goodbye to the Cars Tax Disc
And it’s a great thing I must say
Saving millions for the poor DVLA
Now those over worked Swansea souls
Can redirect what’s saved to fill the potholes
And saving forests of trees and lots of stress
For the car tax is now paperless
Cos how many times on the first day of the month
Have you had to catch an over priced bus
Stood in the queue waiting in line
Because you failed to do your tax on time
And now are far too frightened to take the risk
Of driving without a current tax disc
Because now we are in the precarious position
Where the police have number plate recognition
Unlike my dad who used a beer mat
Gone are the days you’d get away with that
Like most things now you can do it on line
It’ll save you the hassle and it’ll save you the time
Of standing in an endless post office queue
Because most of them have been closed down too
And I’ve torn it in half so many times
Trying to detached it along the perforated lines

So good bye and good riddance you will not be missed
I’m happily waving goodbye to the old car tax disc


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