I’m a Doctor of Education now


I’m incredibly proud to be honoured by the Manchester Metropolitan University.

I’m now a Doctor of Education.

I was given the award in July with all the other graduating students from the Department for Education.  It was great to watch new teacher after new teacher being handed their award.  I love teachers.  They do an amazing job but don’t get the credit or money they deserve.

I did an acceptance speech off the cuff

I find when I write things down and read them, they sound daft, so i made it up on the spot and tried to do it as naturally as possible.

I think it worked

The whole graduation ceremony is here and my introduction and speech begins 43 minutes in –


Hope you like my hat


6 thoughts on “I’m a Doctor of Education now

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  2. Hello
    On a sleepless night while I’ve been browsing the internet I found your blog and this post. I just want to say your speech and poem were an absolute joy to watch. Congratulations!

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