Mike Garry and The Cassia String Quartet At Hallé St Michaels’ Friday May 12th

Magic and Loss.jpgAfter the success of our Number One single “An Ode to Anthony H. Wilson” and having worked with the Cassia String Quartet on a number of tracks that Joe Duddel composed, I fell in love with the work of these brilliant, young and classically trained musicians.  I wanted to do more them and with Joe but he was so busy with collaborations with the Likes of New Order, Elvis and Frank Sinatra that he just didn’t have time. So, we decided to compose some of our own new material.

We disappeared to a beautiful riad in Essaouira, Morocco and worked and worked and worked.   The resulting work is new, exciting and groundbreaking.  I’ve never heard anything like this before.  It is very special and with it being so special we decided to present it in a special space.

My Grand Parents used to run a pub on Redhill Street, New Islington, now the residential heart (not soul) of the Northern Quarter – the pub serviced the workers at the Daily Express printing plant on Great Ancoats Street, the nurses and domestics at Ancoats Hospital and the general drinking population of that side of town.

My grand parents, aunts and uncles were strict Roman Catholic and would attend Mass at St Michaels’ Church on George Leigh St with other good immigrants like the Italian community.  The church, like many others closed down in the 90’s and has now been taken over by our very own Orchestra, The Hallé.

Fast forward 160 years virtually to the day of the Hallés’ establishment in May 1857, I’ve decided to celebrate, in my own way, by sharing with you what we have created. So if you are free on friday evening and want to see some smashed flags and paving stones in New Islington, come and see some poetry and classical music combining to break new ground.  Its going to be very special

for tickets follow the link


God is a Manc

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