Someone Stole my bike, then, Someone brought it back.

I was sat in Climpson and Sons on Broadway market drinking the best coffee in the UK and reading George Orwell’s “Why I Write” and generally trying to avoid work.  I’d parked my bike outside and across the road in front of The new Barber Shop.  I didn’t lock it cos………I could see it and no-one’s going to try and nick a bike in broadway daylight are they?

Then, from the corner of my eye, i notice a young portly boy walk up to my bike, calmly climb on it and off he went.

I sprang to my feet and took chase thinking, no problem, i will catch this chubby kid before the end of the street but the kid was smart.  He kept the bike on the pavement and the other side of a line of parked cars so i couldn’t  actually get to him before he’s picked up a head of steam.

By the time he emerged from the line of cars, he was up and running like bradley wiggins but i still chased and got close but not close enough so, i gave up and put my stolen bike down to experience – i wasn’t that bothered, i’ve  had loads of bikes nicked.

Just as I turned to walk back to my coffee and book, two guys who were sat outside Climpsons came riding towards me on their BMX bikes


“STRIGHT DOWN, BY THE SIDE OF LONDON FIELDS”  I replied and off they went at the speed of light.

I panted my way back to the coffee shop a bit embarrassed by my own stupidity but nevertheless accepting that you win some and you lose some.

Just as i sat down at Clipmsons, the lovely scouse lad from behind the counter handed me my phone and wallet that I’d dropped on the floor when i took flight.

“What happened”? he asked………. and i explained.

I sat down outside with a glass of water and waited.  Two minutes later the two guys with BMX bikes appeared ……………………….with my bike

They chased and caught the boy and retrieved the bike.

They were lovely guys.  One lad was from Peckham and big into BMX type cycling and the other guy was called sebastian from hastings


They Saved my Bike – Thanks lads

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