Acts of Faith and Hope

For those who still have faith in fairness, honesty and trust

But live with corruption and injustice and daily pay the cost

For those who know together is so much better than alone

That a community of the ordinary can achieve extraordinary goals

For those whose daily grind begins with endless wheezing slow cold commutes

But shut up and cough up all their weekly wage to gangsters wearing suits

For those sickened by exhibitions of selfish avarice and greed

But believe in a caring society where we help those most in need

Those who could be homeless with the dropping of a hat

And forced to house their family where you couldn’t swing a cat

For those who now sleep on mate’s sofa’s while your landlords feast and laugh

And for those who feel like they’re over drawn at the Bank of Mam and Dad

For those confused and bruised, who’ve followed the rules but believe it’s all too late

Whose heads and hearts and mortgaged homes are about to detonate

For those who toil and work and pray but still cannot make ends meet

And those helping out kids and grandkids by skipping meals and turning off the heat

There are those who understand

Those who listen to what you say

Have faith and trust in justice

Together we’ll find a way

3 thoughts on “Acts of Faith and Hope

  1. This is beautiful, thank you.

    I have a story for children about homelessness if you’re interested…

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