53 Love Poems

I am doing a solo gig at Soup Kitchen in Manchester on Saturday November 29th 2014
I’m calling the night “53 Love Poems” but don’t ask for your money back if i don’t do 53 love poems
i seem to see the number 53 everywhere i look It’s My Favourite Number
I love the shape of both numbers
that confident&robust number five
and that inclusive&sharing number three

the two numbers sit together so well
they look beautiful individually………………………………….but so much more beautiful together
somethings compliment each other when they are together
Some couples
some friends
Some training shoes
Some aartists
So, i want you to do me a favour – next time you see the Number 53, I want you to tweet or Faceboast or email me a picture of it and i’ll make a collage of all the pics you send me and use it as my backdrop on the night. So basically, you will be making the backdrop to the evening.
It’s interactive
It’s Engaging
So If you send me a picture and you come to my gig at Soup Kitchen in Manchester on Saturday November 29th 2014 you will get a gift from me
it’ll only be a small gift like a
post card or a book mark or a badge
but you’ll get a gift from me

I get so many emails and tweets from people asking me when I’m performing in manchester next
But i’m so busy with touring with Johnny Clarke and other gigs outside my home town
I like to do one solo gig a year in my wn town & in Gods Own Country and it’s lovely to see people who i tweet and chat to online and meet once a year at my gig
and i like Soup Kitchen – the people are good, kind and the soup is hot&wholesome

I usually do 3×30 minute sets and get a good DJ to play tunes in-between wordsmikegarryfordays&nights
The basement venue at Soup Kitchen is great as well – all barebrickwallandberlin

one of my sets will involve music – i’m not sure how yet but music will be featured – i might even share with you some of the stuff i’ve been doing with Philip Glass – but hey, who knows…………..that’s the beauty of the evening………..even i don’t know what i’m going to be doing
(what’s New)

Tickets are available from Skiddle here
or you can call in to Soup Kitchen, have a lovely bowl of soup, then buy your ticket from them but remember this

Soup Kitchen only holds 200 people so if you want a ticket, remember what Fred Pontin said

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