53 Love Poems – SOLD OUT

This Saturday I shall be presenting an evening of poetry at Soup Kitchen Manchester.

I’ve called the evening “53 Love Poems” but I’m Afraid there isn’t going to be much talk of Love
I’ve got some very special Guests but i’m keeping some of my guests secret because i want them to be a surprise.

This gig, like last years, is very intimate and if you’ve been downstairs in Soup Kitchen, you’ll know what i mean
It’s also intimate in that, i feel like i’m performing to my Manchester family and friends – it’s a bit like a christmas do. That’s why I’ve invited these special guests as a little treat or a present to my Family and Friends.

So, doors will open at 7 and making music and mixing tunes will be the best DJ in Manchester Pasta Paul.
at 7.30, I’ll perform my first set which will be approximately 30 minutes

Then we’ll have a break and if you smoke you can pop upstairs for a bifter and if you don’t smoke you can hang on and listen to the tunes of pasta paul and check out Les, my Merchandise Man who will be selling Books, CD’s and
So, it isn’t just poetry i’m providing, i’m saving you all the hassle of Christmas Shopping as well – So, Ask for Les.

At approximately 8.30 I shall be back on stage to share with you some of the work i’ve been doing with Philip Glass at the Days and Nights Festival in California and to read some poems never performed live before.

Then we’ll take a brief break to give you an opportunity to do some christmas shopping or Smoke fags
and finally i shall be inviting some special guests onto the stage to close the evening with me.
It’s going to be special.

The event sold out yesterday (wednesday) and you can not pay on the door, so don’t try to get in by bribing the doorman/woman cos we aren’t allowing anyone to pay cash to get in.

But the lovely people of Soup Kitchen have just contacted me to say that I am allowed to sell 10 more tickets due to the fact that there is no guest list – so if you’ve not got a ticket, be quick and grab yourself one now here

And don’t forget Les for all your christmas needs

<img src="https://godisamanc.files.wordpress.com/2014/11/img_5163.jpg?w=225″ alt=”IMG_5163″ width=”225″ height=”300″ class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-3338″ />

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