Derby Day – Remember, We are all Immigrants ………well most of us

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MUTV approached me and asked me to write something for the derby – they didn’t say it directly but they implied that they wanted me to put the boot in on city, you know take the mick.
Who do these guys think i am? I am a poet a man of dignity, integrity and an interpreter of truth and justice. A man who loves this city equally with passion and balance. Also, loads of my friends are blues, my father in law is a blue. I grew up a stones throw from Maine Road. I used to mind cars in Clinton and Aston Avenue, sell the “Pink” in the Sherwood & the Claremont on Claremont road and the City Club while Bernard manning and Cannon and Ball told shite Jokes in velvet dickie bows and later drank in the Parkside rubbing shoulders with the “City Cool cats” and the “Maine…

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Share Some Independent Love…

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If you’re a fan of February 14th, then you’ve lots of choice in Didsbury if you fancy getting all loved up. If you’re not a fan, don’t worry – you won’t be left out in the cold as there are still plenty of things to do if red roses don’t float your boat…

Our many independent restaurants can be relied upon to put on a bit of a show on Valentine’s Night. This year, it falls on a Friday, so if you’re thinking of making a booking you need to go onto it pronto, as many places will be booked up.


Fish Bait Fish Bar, Burton Road, West Didsbury – Take Out Special “Two in a Love Boat” – 2 x Fish & Chips, 2 sides and 2 mini bottles of Prosecco £18.50

Pomegranate Restaurant, Burton Road, West Didsbury – 0161 445 7171 – see menu…

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Happy Valentines Day Mandy x


You make my heart a helium balloon

My soul an instrument in constant tune

Eyes like lasers piercing snowcapped mountains

Tears of joy flow like waterfalls, fountains

I feel so strong I could throw planet earth

To outer space, you show me different worlds

These legs will chase you for ten thousand miles

Upon this face there are ten thousand smiles

These smiles you paint upon my two golden lips

tonight I’ll hold you and endlessly kiss

Your lips, your cheeks, your lonely furrowed brow

I’ll be your stars at night, sun coming out

And I’ll stay with you until the end of time

Beyond substance thought and beyond this life


Looking out of the Ibis window

Dark clouds hang over Northampton

Drunken seagulls swoop in and out of Carlsberg

Riding the wind

“Toys R Us” is all locked up

Arctic trucks are starting up and the priest has overslept

Sunday sounds howl in and out of the badly closing window

And my plastic spoon melts into my sachet of boiled Nescafe

Gary’s very grey on “Match of the day” and Les Dawson is playing the theme tune


A Poem for the Busby Babes -Sixty Seconds of Silence

Sixty Seconds of Silence

Hold your tongue
Speak not ill of the dead
Find your own silence inside
Seeking only the truth
That boys in their prime perished that night
And the very heart of this city stopped beating
Manchester flowers
Scattered across a foreign field of powder white snow

News hissed through
Like the gas on a cooker whose flame had blown out
Freckled faced paperboys on Peter St and Piccadilly
Cried louder than they had ever cried before

Sons were lost
Mother’s sisters and wives deep sighed
Dads and brother died inside
And red and blue stood side by side by side
In silence
Because silence is so much louder than applause

The Kid Who Saved Your Life – Bryan Glancy 1966 – 2006 | Godisamanc’s Blog


Psalms for the Dead

A dead quick post to let you know that I’m honoured to be supporting the amazing Jake Evans at the Deaf Institute on January 31st 2014.

We will be performing our “Psalms for the Dead” with The beautiful Cassia Quartet under the guidance of Joe Duddel.

If you saw the set we did at Festival No6, you know how beautiful & special this performance will be.

There’s only 100 ticket and amazingly, they are only £7. That’s about a pint & a half in the Northern Quarter or 2 coffees & a green tea in Chorlton or twenty Benson, a pack of king size rizla & a box of matches in didsbury – It is so cheap I’m tempted to phone my ticket touting mates, get them to buy them all and sell em on the night for £50. (Only joking officer)

I’ve had a ten pence bet with our manager,Ali Hudson, that they go in 24 hours.

Oh, and usual rules apply, I love you all but if you ask me for a guest list, I’ll send my Jack Russel dog, Kes, round to your house to squirt his love wee at you & to lick your face

Get your tickets here

We’ve got some amazing and very special gigs coming up in the next few months & we’ll be revealing more on the night.

God Is A Manc x

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